Healthy How-To: Breaking Down a Butternut Squash

by in Healthy Tips, November 24, 2010
Breaking Down Butternut Squash
How to Break Down a Butternut Squash

It’s winter squash season! Butternut squash is delicious in tons of dishes, from muffins to risotto to soup, but breaking one down can be a little daunting. How do you peel it, seed it and dice it up without it slipping out of your hands? Well, find your sharpest chef’s knife and follow these step-by step instructions.

If you’re making a dish that uses squash puree, it’s a little simpler: Just cut in half longways, scoop out the seeds and roast with a little salt, pepper and olive oil until tender enough to scoop out with spoon, no peeling necessary.

TELL US: What’s your favorite butternut squash recipe?

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