Fall Fest: Pumpkins 5 Ways

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Alton's Pumpkin Bread
Alton Brown's Seed-Studded Pumpkin Bread

We’re teaming up with other food and garden bloggers to host Fall Fest 2010, a season-long garden party. Each week we’ll feature favorite garden-to-table recipes and tips to help you enjoy the bounty, whether you’re harvesting your own goodies or buying them fresh from the market. To join in, check out awaytogarden.com.

This weekend we took the kids to a pumpkin patch and they absolutely loved it! Now we have lots of pumpkins, and need to put them to good use. Here are 5 recipes I can’t wait to use with fresh (or canned) pumpkin.

Make a mouth-watering pumpkin-flavored flan this fall. This recipe calls for solid packed canned pumpkin, which shouldn’t be confused with pumpkin pie filling packed with sugar.
RECIPE: Pumpkin Flan

In the mood for bread or muffins? You can make either with this recipe using fresh-grated pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. Make a double batch and freeze for later.
RECIPE: Pumpkin Bread

Need an extra boost of antioxidants? Whip up this soup with pumpkins, acorn squash, carrots and orange — all excellent sources of antioxidants vitamins A and C.
RECIPE: Orange Pumpkin Soup

Add a touch of sweetness using pumpkin puree in this delicious pasta dish. Even with a touch of heavy cream, the recipe weighs in at around 400 calories per serving.
RECIPE: Penne-Wise Pumpkin Pasta

Use pumpkin seeds to whip up this crowd-pleasing and figure-friendly salsa. Extracting them isn’t tough as you can see from this Alton Brown video.

RECIPE: Pumpkin Seed Salsa

TELL US: How are you using pumpkin this fall?  Tell us in the comments, or join the conversation on Twitter at #fallfood.

Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian and consultant who specializes in food safety and culinary nutrition. See Toby’s full bio »

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  1. […] Toby at Healthy Eats: Pumpkin 5 Ways (Including Seed-Studded Pumpkin Bread) […]

  2. […] Healthy Eats [expanded by feedex.net] Posted in Healthy Eating […]

  3. vegetarianirvana says:

    Here is an easy fat free, no fuss crock pot stew/ indian Dal, split peas and BNSquash

    1 and 1/2 cups yellow split peas, washed.
    1 cup cubed butter nut squash [1 inch]
    2 medium tomatoes rough chopped
    2 green chillies
    2 bay leaves
    1 tsp cumin powder
    1/2 tsp paprika
    1 and 1/2 tsp salt
    A couple of pinches of turmeric [optional]
    5 cups water
    Put everything in a crock pot on high for 3 hrs. Puree with hand held blender to desired consistency.
    Serve with rice or Indian flat bread. Enjoy.

  4. feastonthecheap says:

    Nothing says fall like pumpkin bread – my grandmother has the absolute best recipe and is all of our collections now…

    My addition to fall fest is Pumpkin Ricotta Lasagna. It's OUTRAGEOUS!

  5. […] Toby at Healthy Eats: Pumpkin 5 Ways (Including Seed-Studded Pumpkin Bread) […]

  6. __i posted two recipes…one for fusilli with roasted delicata squash & fresh sage brown butter and another for stuffed acorn squash with wild rice, pecans and cranberries…i love winter squash! http://napafarmhouse1885.blogspot.com/2010/10/it-… __

  7. Rachel says:

    There's so much you can do with pumpkin! Here's my Fall Fest recipe for a squash smoothie http://muffinegg.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/squash-

  8. Janet967 says:

    Here's a great recipe from PBH for pumpkin soup. This version also uses white beans and onion (which you puree) for added fiber. http://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org/?page_

  9. Janet Duncan says:

    We will do the usual pumpkin pies, but plain pumpkin has been invaluable for a pet who has either diarrhea or is constipated. Just give them some on a spoon to effect. Works every time. We keep it on hand year round in case it is needed.

  10. SusieBeeonMaui says:

    So far…Pumpkin Muffins, adapted from a Dorie Greenspan recipe

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