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by in Gluten-Free, August 24, 2010
Pepper-Jack Chicken with Succotash - Photo by Antonis Achilleos/Food Network Magazine

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Chelsea Clinton are all touting the virtues of a gluten-free diet. But many folks forget that a big part of gluten-free cooking is simple, fresh, and minimally-processed ingredients. Here’s a day’s worth of delicious and nutritious recipes that also happen to be free of gluten, including a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe!

A Word to the Wise
All of these recipes are gluten-free, but if you have a gluten allergy, check labels on all ingredients to make sure that a particular brand doesn’t contain gluten or wasn’t processed in a facility that also processes wheat products. Learn more about gluten-free living from our recent interview with gluten-free expert Marlisa Brown.


Pair up creamy, high-protein yogurt with fiber and vitamin-rich fruit for a power-packed breakfast.

RECIPE: Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey Vanilla Yogurt

Fresh vegetables and omega-3-rich tuna makes for a tasty and satisfying lunch. Potatoes are a good starch choice when you’re steering clear of gluten.

RECIPE: Chopped Nicoise Salad


Soy sauce contains gluten, but the deep and richer version called tamari doesn’t. These simple spiced nuts are filled with healthy fats to help curb mid-afternoon hunger.

RECIPE: Tamari Pecans


This mouthwatering new recipe from the September issue of Food Network Magazine is a fabulous and healthy way to wind down your gluten free day.

RECIPE: Pepper-Jack Chicken with Succotash


Made with gluten-free flour alternatives, Alton’s chocolaty cookies are a dynamite sweet treat.

RECIPE: Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Beverage and Cocktail Tips
Beverages like beer and other spirits distilled with wheat contain gluten. Wine, sparkling water, lemonade, and iced tea are typically safe bets.

TELL US: Have you tried a gluten-free diet? What are your favorite gluten-free recipes?

Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC, is a registered dietitian, certified athletic trainer and owner of Dana White Nutrition, Inc., which specializes in culinary and sports nutrition. See Dana’s full bio »

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Comments (24)

  1. Lone says:

    not all soy sauces contain gluten La Choy is not made with wheat

  2. Sweetiebythesea says:

    I believe the chefs here really did not challenge themselves. I know it read simple but its too simple….please, a fruit salad is nice but the challenge is going GLUTEN FREE. How about showing us banana nut pancakes with maple syrup and homemade sausages? Its not hard to make. And a large majority of those who are gluten free are also dairy intolerant… And a salad for lunch. How lame. You just put raw ingredients together on a plate. Lets try Vietnamese rice paper rolls with chicken and shrimp-lots of veggies in there. This is fine for the work week or for all you health "nuts" but as a Celiac I crave what I can not longer have and make GF versions of it.

    *Today tamari is made with both with and with wheat- make sure to get the wheat free gluten free version like from San-J

    • Celiac mommy says:

      i agree! and I have a four year old living with celiac, how about a fool proof child menu for gluten free.. she is picky and since so severe I don't have gluten in the house and she has younger siblings..

  3. Debbie says:

    I agree with Sweetie's comments – living with Celiac is very difficult, and filled with constant reminders of what you are being deprived of. As a pastry chef I have made succesful GF replacements, but it is time consuming & EXPENSIVE.

  4. Velma says:

    Did everyone know that you can take all of your Gluten Free Foods off of your taxes? My husband has had it for 4 yrs.. he almost died from it….. I have learned to order off of the internet and cook for him then cook for me…. Too I bake up cakes ect… and frezee them for later on. Have learned to read all labels too. Thank God for Betty Crocker who has brought out Gluten Free desserts because some of their woker have found out that they too have Celiac Spruce.

    • MomOnTheRun says:

      You can also get away with bringing in your own food and drinks when you go to amusement parks… which comes in handy so you don't have to spend a gazillion from the park foods, etc. As far as the tax write off, that is true and my friend has an actual spreadsheet, because as we know… the stuff is EXPENSIVE! But it takes up too much time for me and I usually don't qualify anyway.

  5. LaraM says:

    Gluten free drives me crazy. I feel for those who actually have celiac disease because gluten actually makes them sick. For the rest of us, I saw an article that said if you are over 40 and overweight try gluten free. Well DUH if you take breads and cake out of your diet you will lose weight, unless you have some other metabolism or thyroid issue. My daughter's step mother has them at ages 11 & 8 on a fully gluten and dairy free diet even though there is NO evidence that they are allergic or celiac (yes she had them tested without my knowledge) and they have gone from being normally developing fifty percent height and weight to 39% and 25% weight within a year, and have stomach problems from not eating enough fiber half the time, and that is at 50% custody…my message really is become educated, gluten free is not for all people and certainly not for children unless there is an actual medical diagnosis.

  6. MomOnTheRun says:

    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease last year. It has been an ultimate struggle to find satisfying gluten free meals and snacks that aren't packed with sugar or taste like cardboard. I have gained 27 pounds in the past year, mostly because I was sick with the celiac for all the prior years without knowing it. The weight gain is frustrating, especially that I'm over 40 and a runner. I would love some suggestions of great meals that also take into consideration the calorie, fat and sugar content. Right, I know, good luck…. any help would be welcomed!!!!

  7. GFCF Baker says:

    I've made the Alton Brown gluten free cookies, but had to use ghee in place of butter (patience is the key with ghee!). They turned out well! The tastiest thing I've made in the year since going all natural GFCF is creme brulee! I made it with homemade cashew milk to replace the heavy cream. I added a 1.5x normal amount of vanilla and the family loved them!

  8. Thanks for the recipe ideas.

    All of you with celiac disease need to get off of you high horse. You don't own gluten free and you are not in a more dire position than those with non celiac gluten sensitivity. Half of what you think you know about gluten is wrong and the other half is changing as science continues to study this complex topic.
    Gluten can cause:
    Thyroid disease
    weight gain
    The list is now more than 300 medical conditions. Celiac disease is only one of them.

    • Michelle T says:

      Wow, you obviously have never suffered with the stabbing, twisting pain in your gut and three days of non-stop diarrhea that I have when I eat even the tiniest bit of gluten. It is not a high horse, it is just that for some of us this is a very serious disease and it is so annoying to hear people acting as if this is just some fad diet.

    • Missy says:

      Yes that are sometimes caused by undetected Celiac Disease. That is the problem with our modern medicine. We treat the symptoms (diabetes, osteoporsis, etc..) instead of getting to the root of the symptoms (Celiac Disease). Read up on the overwhelming evidence on Most people go years without a diagnosis because of this. My Dr. wasn't even looking for this when my biopsy came back positive for Celiac. He only did the biopsy because of my iron being a little low and he was already going to perform an endoscopy to see why my acid reflux had become unbearable. Where would I be today if my iron hadn't been a little low? Acid Reflux was my only digestive symptom. Mostly mine were potassium always low….not anymore…thank God, brain fog, fatigue, etc…

  9. Going gluten free is healthier because it forces people to eat more protein, fresh fruits and vegtables. Children with ADD/Autism when put on a Gluten free diet had better cognitive and behavioral skills.

  10. Lisa says:

    On the bright side, if all these celebrities go gluten free, it may raise awareness. It may also promote more restaurants and food stores to have these items available.

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