Reader Comments: Corn, and More Corn

by in Reader Tips & Comments, August 7, 2010


How do you like your corn seasoned? We asked you to tell us your favorite ways to season corn on the cob and you gave us some unique ideas for how to shake up our corn-flavoring routine.

Versatile and flavorful, corn adds the perfect crunch of sweetness to many dishes — see all the suggestions from this week’s Cornapalooza. . But sometimes we just want to enjoy the simplicity of eating corn straight from the cob, without frills. And a little help from the right herbs and spices can take corn on the cob to the next level.

Instead of resorting to the go-to butter, salt and pepper option, how about adding garlic, parmesan and chives to the butter for more complex flavor? Or, if you’re a purist, plain ole’ corn on the cob with nothing on it can taste pretty wholesome and tasty too, as one reader explained.

From Healthy Eats:

“I love smoked paprika on my corn…with salt & butter.” – Marla, via Healthy Eats

From Twitter:

“Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning and a little I can’t believe it’s not butter.”–  @JamieAnnsays, via Twitter

“Shake on a little pizza seasoning and a little Parmesan.” — @damoncrawley, via Twitter

“Top my corn after its been grilled with not a thing, Juicy and still taste great!!!” — @chocolatedoss, via Twitter

Rachel is a Food Network intern from the University of Michigan. She loves to travel and sample healthy, regional dishes, but enjoys indulging in good, old-fashioned ice cream every now and then.

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Comments (166)

  1. Jodi Denton says:

    My son, Dyllon, came up with a winning idea for the show "Chopped". He says that adults should cook and the kids should be the judges for an episode. He also says that if this idea is as awesome to you as it is to him that he would LOVE to be on the show!!!

  2. Heidi Van Becelaere says:

    No offense meant to the family of Farmhouse Rules, but I have to turn the show off, as soon as it is on. I learn nothing useful about cooking, and her voice is worse, than chalk on the chalkboard. Where is our Paula?! Suck it up, and bring her back. Even Cleveland, is willing to bring back Labron

  3. Tina says:

    I know you need commercials to support the Food Network and I'm okay with that….but….the Pillsbury Toaster Strudel commercial with the kid faking a German, Swedish, Alpine or whatever accent is being played at every break. It is excessive and annoying.

    Otherwise….I love Food Network and the Rachel vs Guy Kids Cook Off is priceless.

  4. eila says:

    Your new show Food Truck Face Off is for idiots. Earn $700 in two days and get your own food truck???????????
    Its a dumb take off on the Food Truck race. As someone who watches most of your shows I find the concept insulting. Demote whoever came up with the idea.

    Hopefully, I watch for new, interesting shows.

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    私はわかりません私は何をきただろう | 遭遇私はしていなかったしていなかった場合に行わこのようなポイントこのような。

  6. Anita M. Anthony says:

    I would just like to say that I'm very disappointed in the cooking contests so far….I have yet to see a person of color(Black) to advance further then their counter parts. I must say if there of 2 or more 1 will advance over the other but that is as far as I've seen them go! I also must say I do have the time to watch the network as often as I would like so I may be speaking out of turn but so far as I can tell I am not. This is not black or white thing….its just that when I watch these contest I can clearly see the talent in the cooks of color….would just like to see things do fairly!

    Anita M. Anthony

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