Weekly Bits: Berries, Sneaky Dyes, and Great Grilling Tips

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Our focus this week was on sweet berries and how to get the most out of them this summer. You had some tasty suggestions! We also threw in some grilling tips for your 4th of July get-together and asked for your thoughts on artificial food dyes. Thanks for the comments this week and keep ‘em coming!

From Blueberries 5 Ways:
We featured a salad with blueberries and asked you how you ate yours.

“On top of oatmeal.” — @coachsoats, via Twitter

“Just added some blueberries to cut up cantaloupe. Very pretty and tastes good too.” — MomDarLena, via Heatlhy Eats

From Make Your Own Jam:
You gave us some great jam-making tips!

“You can combine figs and strawberries to make a great tasting preserve.” – Joy, via Healthy Eats

“When making strawberry jam, add a few green berries. They are FULL of pectin and help the “concoction” thicken faster — naturally!” – MeMom, via Healthy Eats

From Spotlight Recipes: Fun & Easy For July 4th:

“I’m coming to your house!” — Debbie, via Facebook

“Love the grilled corn idea! I wrap mine with prosciutto, then put the husk back over the cob and grill. Gives it a great smoky taste!” — Debbie, via Facebook

From Small Steps: Adding Fruit:

“I whip a whole banana into my oatmeal in the morning. I cook my oatmeal on the stove top — just slice the banana thinly and it will melt right into the oatmeal after some constant stirring. It makes my oatmeal creamier and sweeter — Yum.” — Sara, via Healthy Eats

From Artificial Food Coloring: Good or Bad?:
Do you think twice before buying foods containing artificial dyes? Here were your comments:

“Color me not!” — @Bl3ss3d_Jade, via Twitter

“It’s one of the easiest things to switch out of a diet so I figure why not do so?” — Evan, via Healthy Eats

“No processed foods or artifical colors here.” – Shannaon, via Facebook

“I buy my kids vitamins at the local health store…colored with beets and fruits and flavored with natural fruit juices.” — Amy, via Facebook

“Strawberry yogurt and other by Dannon and many others contain an ingredient called Carmine…I looked it up and it is from bugs overseas. They take the color from their wings and make the red dye and it colors your yogurt!” — Craig n Jen, via Facebook

From Spotlight Recipes: Fruity Salsas:
What’s your favorite fruity salsa?

“My fave salsa is this watermelon salsa with jerk chicken!” — Foodlover, via Healthy Eats

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