Market Watch: Name That Green

by in In Season, June 16, 2010
Fresh Spinach
Spinach, Fresh From the Market

Spring is prime season for farm fresh greens, but all the different types and deciding what to do with them can get confusing. Some are sweet, some are spicy and some are better raw than cooked. All of them are loaded with nutrients like iron, vitamin A, C, K and calcium . Can you identify these 5 tasty greens?

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  1. Great quiz. I recognized photo 1 and 3 instantly but almost mistakened mustard greens for cauliflower. Sometimes its amazing how everyday ingredients you use can play tricks in photos.

    Perhaps Kale best qualifies to be eaten raw since the slightest increase in temperature tends to evaporate the essential nutrients the veggie is well-noted for. Aside its antioxidants properties, it is also know to boost the immune system immensely. and it sulfur-containing phytonutrients help supplement efforts at fighting inflammation.

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