Weekly Bits: Eat Your Greens

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Spring is in full bloom, and grocery stores and farmer’s markets are teeming with fresh produce. It’s the perfect time to try something new. This week’s list of reader comments includes some tasty ideas for an uncommon pick. Plus, a cool yogurt trick.

From Taste Test: Nonfat Yogurt:
“When you get home, strain [the nonfat yogurt] through a paper towel in the bottom of the strainer into a bowl. Makes the thickest, richest yogurt, without fat and all the sugar. So deelish when done straining, after 4 hours or so. You don’t need fruit or anything with it–the best.” –Maggie

From Market Watch: Rainbow Chard:
“I love to saute Swiss chard and spinach together–Mmm, tasty! I also wilt Swiss chard leaves, then season a chicken breast. Wrap the chicken in a large Swiss chard leaf, cook in a skillet, add a bit of chicken broth, and cook until chicken is done. This also works well with fish fillets.” –LaWanda

“This is the easiest thing: Take chard and just clean, then place chopped or whole pieces in a casserole (I have never bothered to tear it up). Take some heavy whipping cream (or heavy cream, or whipping cream), mozzarella or jack cheese, Parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper to your liking. You do not even have to mix it all up. Bake in the oven, and PRESTO! You have an excellent side dish of chard (creamed spinach style). It tastes great. I usually add a little bit of chopped or minced garlic also.” –Tim

“I also saute onions and bacon; add chopped Swiss chard and then toss with pasta. Grate Parmesan cheese over it–delicious.” –Annie

“I make Swiss chard rolls (like stuffed cabbage rolls). Top with bacon and tomato soup, then bake. Sounds kinda crazy, but the Swiss chard gives them an amazing flavor. My kids have always loved this meal!” –Tina

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