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by in Reader Tips & Comments, May 1, 2010

flavored oils

We love sharing our favorite healthy recipes and flavors — and we love hearing about your kitchen successes, too. Get a taste of new ideas and updated classics in this week’s comment round-up.

From Make Your Own Flavored Oils:
“I love garlic, red chili flakes and oregano, or fresh rosemary sprig with garlic cloves in olive oil. Either’s great on fresh popped corn with a little Parmesan.” –Linda

From Grilled Cheese, Lightened Up:
“We use any good multi-grain bread, no butter, toasted on a Foreman grill. I like manchego, feta, or blue cheese with sliced pears & fig spread. My husband likes low-fat pepperjack with jalapenos & reduced-salt, low-fat turkey. But we like lots of other combos, too, since we experiment with low-fat cooking of all types.” –Anna

From Katie’s Healthy Bites: 6 Energy-Saving Kitchen Tips:
“Love the reusing cooking water idea, and the veggie broth will flavor rice or pasta, so it helps there too! The rest of the ideas are things I already do. Every day should be Earth Day!” –Cheryl

From Quick Tip: Have The Coffee, Not The Calories:
Odd as it may sound, I add fresh tea leaves, chocolate mint, that grow just outside the back door. It is aromatic and delish — the dash of cinnamon works, so does carob powder and chili powder. It makes a choco/spicy brew that is tops.” –Katie Marie

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