Katie’s Healthy Bites: 6 Energy-Saving Kitchen Tips

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It’s almost Earth Day! We all know how important it is to use as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible, but have you thought about using energy-saving cooking techniques? Here are 6 easy ways to use less energy  in the kitchen.

Rethink food storage containers. Instead of plastic baggies, foil and plastic wrap, use reusable containers to store and wrap food.

Cover up those pots! Want an easy way to cut your mealtime energy use in half? Cover pots of water as you bring them to a boil. Bonus: You won’t have to wait as long for that rolling boil.

Buy a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers can decrease energy use by up to 70 percent, because they speed up the process of slow-cooking (and budget-friendly) ingredients like bean and tough meats.

Make fewer slow-cooked meals. Cut back a bit on slow-cooked meals, like stews and braises. Simmering a pot on the stove for hours uses lots of energy!

Reuse your cooking water. Bring a pot of water to a boil (covered of course), cook your veggies, then remove them using a strainer. Toss pasta in the same hot water, or use the cooking liquid to make rice, grains or even soup. You’ll use less agua, and get all the veggie nutrients that would have gone down the drain.

Make one pot meals. One -pot meals (like this stir fry) use less energy to whip up and less water to clean up.

TELL US: What ways do you reduce energy waste in the kitchen?

Katie Cavuto Boyle, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian, personal chef and owner of HealthyBites, LLC. See Katie’s full bio »

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