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by in Reader Tips & Comments, April 17, 2010


Last week, we got an upgrade: Healthy Eats is now hosted by our parent site, FoodNetwork.com. But we haven’t changed our wholesome approach to food, or lost any of the great recipes and tips you’ve come to expect from us. Find out what everyone’s saying about the move, plus check out some of our readers’ latest recipe suggestions.

“I’m so excited that you’re at Food Network along with all of my other favs! Makes it simple and convenient for me. Glad you mentioned the newsletter, too – looking forward to seeing that in my inbox.” –Amy

“I love love love HealthyEats.com. I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle but feared the salads and water only choices. It is so much deeper than that. I made a hamburger and OMG it was soooo good. My family loves your recipes. I am going where you go.” –Wendy
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From Nachos, Lightened Up:
“I like to use a can of fat-free refried beans on our tacos, so this would also be a great addition for making your own nachos.” –@MomDarLena

We celebrated National Spinach Day last month and found out Popeye’s not the only fan of this leafy green:
“I travel a lot — I take Ziploc steamer bags with me. I pour egg whites in the bag, throw some spinach, some tomato salsa and some Canadian bacon inside. Put in the microwave for 3 minutes. It will roll out of the bag like an omelet! You can add whatever you want, and it’s easy on the road. I turn the bag inside out and clean well and reuse!” –Mary

“Great recipe: Cook refrigerated prepared pasta, then pour hot pasta and cooking water over spinach in colander. Mix spinach, pasta, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese — GREAT, easy, quick!” –Sara

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  1. Good for you guys and good for Food Network…. such a reliably sound nutrition team. Keep up the good work!

  2. The Ships’s Voyages…

    I believe know-how just can make it even worse. Now there is a channel to hardly ever care, now there will not be a opportunity for them to find….

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