Weekly Bits: Game-Day Grub

by in Uncategorized, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday ranks second — behind only Thanksgiving — for most food eaten in a single day. All those wings, pizza, creamy dips and beverages can rack up calories and fat pretty quickly. The hours of sitting and watching the game doesn’t help either.

Check out this week’s list of reader comments for ways to avoid penalties for overdoing it during the big game. And because Super Bowl snacks can turn into quite a spread, read up on strategies for staying healthy when hitting a buffet.

From Chicken Wings, Lightened Up:
“I make mine with chicken legs rather than the wings…more meat, less “skin” and more filling. I grill or broil, baste with the sauce during the last 20 minutes or so of cooking, and they are so much better than wings. And chicken legs are about half the cost of wings or less if they go on sale.” –Michelle

“They sound great! I’ll probably just use the red hot buffalo wing sauce…we love it. Try baking them and putting celery seed on them…YUMMY!” –Kristina, via Facebook

“I love them baked, then add BBQ sauce and grill until crispy.” –Lisa, via Facebook

“Here’s the trick: Dredge wings in a mixture of flour seasoned with adobo and chile powder. Place wings on a lightly greased cookie sheet in single layer and bake at 425 degrees for a half-hour. Flip wings and bake for another half-hour. Remove from oven and toss them in a large bowl with Frank’s Red Hot and chipotle-flavored Tabasco. TASTY!” –Beth

From Dining Out: All-You-Can-Eat Buffets:
“I walk around and look at all the food before getting a plate. Then I decide exactly what I want and don’t eat anything that doesn’t look wonderful. Rather than thinking of a buffet as an opportunity to ‘get my money’s worth,’ I look at it as a way to display many choices and then just choose a couple.” –Teri, via Facebook

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