Mushrooms 5 Ways

by in 1 Food, 5 Ways, January 20, 2010

Mushroom Saute
Mushrooms are super low in calories but packed with energy-producing B-vitamins and even some vitamin D. You can’t wrong adding these as flavor-boosters to your favorite dishes. Here are five ways to try them.

A Hearty Vegetarian Stew
Shiitake mushroom stems infuse the broth of this stew with a meaty and earthy flavor. Lots more veggies along with whole-grain barley provides 8 grams of hunger-fighting fiber per serving — that’s tackles more than 30% of the daily recommendation.
RECIPE: Carrot-Mushroom Barley Stew

Mushroom Salad
Raw button mushrooms match up beautifully with fresh parsley, lemon and the salty bite of Parmesan cheese. Raw mushrooms not your thing? Try them grilled in the same recipe.
RECIPE: Fresh Mushroom and Parsley Salad

Whole-Grain Side Dish
Add sautéed mushrooms to cooked grains such as rice and wheat berries and serve it alongside chicken or fish. Use an assortment of wild mushrooms to elevate the flavors even further.
RECIPE: Mushroom Wheat Berry Pilaf

Steamed Up with Fish
Parchment pouches of tender fish, mushrooms, ginger and honey make for a simple, elegant and light meal.
RECIPE: Ginger-Garlic Fish in Parchment

English Muffin Alternative
Large and flat portobello mushroom caps make a tasty bed for scrambled eggs. They also work nicely with a touch of tomato sauce and cheese for a mini mushroom “pizza.”
RECIPE: Grilled Portobello Benedict

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Comments (4)

  1. jack l. stults says:

    a portabella burger is great, too — chef jax

  2. Julie says:

    I like sautéing mushrooms with some onion, then storing the mix in the fridge. That way, I can grab it quickly to add some fast veggies to mini pizzas, omelets, pasta, etc. If it's already cooked, I have no excuse for not adding fast flavor and nutrients to any meal – even when I can barely peel my eyes open in the morning.

  3. anonymous says:


  4. Julie, how long will they last in your fridge after cooked? What a great idea.

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