Weekly Bits: In Season Now

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Every week we post helpful tips from readers about how they’ve fit healthy eating choices into their lives. On this week’s menu: plenty of fresh winter produce. Plus, the inside scoop on a popular weight-loss plan.

From Katie’s Healthy Bites: Ways To Love Winter Lettuce:
“I like to use endive as scoopers for hummus, or combine radicchio and endive in a salad with a dijon vinaigrette. Yum!” –Melissa

From Bagels: Good or Bad?:
“We eat Thomas brand English muffins and know that Thomas is sneaky about labeling! They have some “wheat” ones, “hearty grain” ones, etc. It’s very hard to tell from the label which one actually is whole grain wheat and which just has some grains tossed in. Read Thomas’ label very carefully and pick the one that uses “whole wheat flour” as the first ingredient. Then, you’ll always know which label to grab and won’t be tricked by the promises of grains and whatnot.” –Julie

From Diet 101: Weight Watchers:
“Right now there is no sign-up fee when you sign up for 3 months. And if you know the calories, fat and fiber, you key that in and they give you a points value. [Web site] Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone is great for restaurants – if you can’t find it there, do a web search on the food at the restaurant you ate at. As long as it’s a chain you can usually find what you’re looking for. Plus, in addition to your daily points, you get a certain number of flex points each week in case you want to splurge.” –Casey

“Weight Watchers works! I have before and after shots posted on their Facebook page. I find it to be easy with amazing results. Compared to what I was spending on soda weekly, that is now my dues so it is money well spent.” –Wayne

From In Season: Clementines:
“I use them for marmalades because of their extra sweet taste. They are also less acidic (from my point of view) than oranges so they do not set my teeth on edge after consuming a large amount.” –Monamona

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