How To NOT Overdo It at Thanksgiving

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Tips for Not Overdoing It
From October to December, it seems like we go into eating overdrive. The secret to a guilt-free Thanksgiving meal is finding balance without feeling deprived. Use these tips to help you throughout the holidays, no matter where you’re celebrating.

    When cooking for yourself and friends or family, you have the control.
  • Balance the menu: Make some light and healthy veggie dishes along with those high-calorie classics.

  • Limit the choices: Resist the urge to make 100 different things — decide on a few and save some recipes for another holiday.
  • Save room: Make smaller portions of your favorite recipes so everyone can have a bit of a taste.
    Whether you’re a dinner guest or sitting down to your own meal, it’s not a race to see who can eat the most.
  • Downsize: Use smaller serving utensils and plates to help keep portions under control.

  • Avoid getting stuffed: You don’t have to taste (or finish) EVERYTHING – that’s the beauty of having leftovers for the next day.
  • Watch the alcohol: Cocktails have calories too!
    Just because you don’t know how much butter went into those potatoes doesn’t mean you can’t keep tabs on what you eat.
  • Beware the buffet: Most people tend to take “all you can eat” too seriously — keep portions small and sensible.

  • Order smart: When dining family-style, be the one to order some lighter dishes for the table to share.
  • Doggie bags: Just because you’re dining out doesn’t mean you can’t take leftovers home.

TELL US: What are your strategies for not overindulging?

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Comments (19)

  1. Bee says:

    Drinking water helps. Also I eat on saucers instead of the big plates. People tend to over buy and over eat food just to say they have it. So many don’t know the true meaning behind the holidays.

    • traci says:

      yeah drink water help stomach calm down after finish eating as well when you have stomach trouble after eating. I hate heavy sauces but I like put little like 1 time put on. I like eat on small plate because easier to less foods over the plate. :)

  2. traci says:

    I agree too. second. :)

  3. SJoy says:

    I have found that if I eat until I am full but not stuffed I tend to enjoy my meal much more than if I crazily snarf down my food. I then feel sick to my stomach (and get bad reflux) when I stuff myself…was it worth it? Most likely not. Enjoy what you are eating as they are foods not made/consumed year-round. Be thankful for what is put before you. After all you are celebrating Thanksgiving (not a food stuffing contest). I have had my Thanksgiving dinner already (I am Canadian and we have ours in October).
    Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  4. peg says:

    Wear your tightest jeans. No spandex allowed. My gym is open in the morning so I try to workout then.

  5. EDNA says:

    I have been trying to learn to do that for years! I have only ever seen one person do it & he is overweight so it isn't working for him but I know it's better for you digestion. I even worked on it this morning with my Shredded Wheat cereal… It takes a lot of concentration. I'll get it someday! LOL! Thanks!
    I know you are right & this is a healthier way to eat.

  6. Beth says:

    I am hoping you tell your guest if you have any that you are using Splenda, my friend did that once and didn't tell me what I was eating and I ended up with a migraine.

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