Weekly Bits: More Fall Faves

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Brussels sprouts have a bad reputation, but everyone shared lots of praise — and some yummy serving suggestions — this week. Winter squash also had plenty of fans, and butternut squash seems to be the favorite variety from our informal Facebook poll. Check out our list of favorite comments for great ways to enjoy fall produce — plus, a Thanksgiving stuffing recipe!

From In Season: Winter Squash:
“I throw a ton of butternut squash in the Crock-Pot with sweet potatoes and broth. Let it cook all day and then puree it when it’s nice and soft. Best soup ever!” –TTMama

“Words cannot describe how much I love winter squash. What can’t you do with it? I like to use butternut squash to make warm chickpea salad, or cook it with brown rice and cashews. I just made bolognese sauce and served it over spaghetti squash. The sweet flavor and slight crunch from the squash went perfectly! And I plan on making a quinoa-stuffed acorn squash or two next week. The possibilities are endless!” –Julo

“My friend made a delicious tossed green salad with roasted butternut squash. We also added some roasted red bell pepper and onion and served with a vinaigrette dressing. Fabulous!” –Darice

From Stuffing, Lightened Up:
“I use some butter to saute the celery and onions — just enough to keep it moist — and then I use chicken broth to moisten the bread. I also grate a tart apple into the celery and onions when they are cooking. It disappears, but adds great flavor and moisture. I use a combination of leftover bread (white, wheat, rolls, etc.) and cornbread.” –AdrienneAnn

From Katie’s Healthy Bites: Glorious Brussels Sprouts:
“To pan-seared sprouts seasoned with only salt and pepper, I add caramelized onions, (faux) cubed chicken, cashews and peas. I serve this over cooked brown basmati rice. It’s amazing and super easy! And one of my favorite dishes.” –Bibi

“Stir-fried, sliced sprouts with large shrimp and red pepper flakes are delicious, too. You can add broth or the Asian sauce of your choice, if desired.” –Linda

“I like to saute them with shallots, whole grain mustard and apple slices — great for the fall!” –Katie

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