Weekly Bits: Tips for the Fall Harvest

by in Reader Tips & Comments, November 7, 2009

This week’s list of favorite user comments touch on cooking with cranberries, making use of that leftover chicken and healthy tailgating. Plus, some readers shared how they avoid caving to unhealthy snacks (and high prices) at the airport.

From Healthy Travels: What To Do When Flying:
“I take oatmeal packets! The airlines always have hot water, and although I usually eat it in a paper cup with two stirrers, it beats the soggy (and questionable) sausage, pancake and egg breakfast on long international flights.” –Msjuju

“I always buy two big bottles of water after the security gate if the flight is four hours or more (otherwise just one). My last long flight, I took a small package of trail mix (just nuts, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries), a granola bar, a cut-up apple and some baby carrots. All things that would fill me up but not make me feel uncomfortable while sitting around for long periods of time.” –Julo

From Cranberries 5 Ways:
“I love cranberries. I make a berry pie that contains cranberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries in any combination, along with cherry pie filling. I add very little sugar and use tapioca for the thickener. It is great.” –Cheryl

From 5 Tips For Smarter Tailgating:
“Buffalo chicken dip with shredded chicken, nonfat sour cream, hot sauce and light Mexican shredded cheese is unsurpassable. I’ve put it in a wrap and just eaten it like that — no chips necessary!” –FoodMakesFunFuel

From Leftover Chicken 5 Ways:
“I always make triple batches of whole-wheat pizza crust and freeze the leftover dough. Then when I have leftover chicken, I make pizza. I’ve done Mexican pizza, buffalo wing pizza and chicken/garlic pizza. Or just regular chicken, cheese, veggies and tomato sauce. Lots of room to be creative when it comes to chicken and pizza.” –Sabina

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  3. TSA is very stirct nowadays. I suggest obey their rules so you will not cause any trouble.

    Happy Trip!

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