Spotlight Recipes: Slow Cooker Favorites

by in Healthy Recipes, November 4, 2009

Slow Cooker Beef With Root Vegetables
With the craziness of the holiday season fast approaching, give yourself a break on a weeknight with an easy slow-cooker meal. You may associate your Crock-Pot with fatty, rich soups and stews, but there are many healthy things you can make with it, including dessert!

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Comments (6)

  1. delpo2009 says:

    thanks for the great ideas! it's the perfect time of year for a nice Sunday afternoon stew. and who knew you could slow-cook a cobbler? can't wait to try that too!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Perfect timing! I'm making beef stroganoff today in my slow cooker!

  3. alicia says:

    I love my slow cooker! I can't believe how easy it is to have a nice dinner ready after a long day at school & work! Keep bringing on the recipes please! THANSK!!!!!! :-]

  4. Krikri says:

    This is more than a suggestion – it is a perfect recipe for the moment. We are all scared about fatty options so suggestions like the Slow Cooker Beef with Root Vegetables is a real saver – and a healthy choice too. The meal makes heavy use of natural ingredients like chili powder and carrot so it may be the right choice for people looking for more beef options

  5. grüner tee says:

    Thank you very much for sharing such delicious recipe here. As it is one of my favourite dish.
    This site is really very informative and I will bookmark it and use it in future.

  6. Judy says:

    Believe it or not I even used my slow cooker on Thanksgiving..For those of you who might have a guest who doesn’t like turkey…My brother didn’t care for turkey so I would make a small roast in the crock pot for him… It didn’t interfere with my Turkey in the oven and he was able to enjoy all the sides along with everyone else.

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