Healthy Pregnancy: Getting Some Exercise

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When you’re pregnant, it’s important to take care of your body — that means getting exercise as well as following a healthy diet. So get out those comfortable workout clothes (this isn’t the time for skin-tight spandex), lace up a pair of supportive sneakers and get moving.

Staying Fit
Exercise can help keep you strong (you’ll need all your strength for labor). Plus, it can be a great stress-reliever. The only rules are to check with your MD before you get started and to do something that you enjoy. For my pregnancy, I’ve chosen to spend as much time outside as possible –- jogging eventually turned to walking as I’ve gotten farther along. On rainy days, I headed to the gym. But you can get plenty done in the comfort of your own living room — no gym membership required! A yoga mat and some five-pound dumbbells are all you need.

Good Moves
Here are some fun ways to keep in shape. If you’ve never tried any of these types of exercises before, pregnancy is not the best time to start. Take it slow and do only what’s comfortable. And don’t forget to stay hydrated! (Remember: Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise regimen.)

  • Walking: Visit a nearby park or take the dog around the neighborhood.

  • Stretching: Give those tired muscles a boost with gentle stretching — the more you do, the better you’ll get at it.
  • Light Weight Training: Try bicep curls with five-pound dumbbells; toe raises will boost those lower leg muscles. Check out Fit Pregnancy for some more ideas.
  • Prenatal Yoga: Ask your mommy friends to suggest a good instructor in your area.
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