Leftover Rice 5 Ways

by in 1 Food, 5 Ways, October 20, 2009

Food Network Magazine Curried Chicken & Rice Soup

Make extra rice on purpose and use up the leftovers all week. Here are five delicious ways to clean out that fridge stockpile.

Whether it’s regular or instant, choose whole-grain brown rice for extra vitamins and hunger-curbing protein and fiber. Some of these recipes call for other types of rice, but you can trade in brown rice easily.

Fried Rice

Get dinner on the table fast! Already cooked rice makes this healthy take on stir-fry effortless.

RECIPE: Fried Rice With Scallions, Edamame and Tofu

Rice Salad

Rice dishes don’t have to be warm to be delicious. Grain salads make a satisfying lunch that can be served chilled or at room temperature. I use whatever is in the fridge or pantry, and toss with a drizzle of vinaigrette dressing. This recipe adds crunchy apples (in season right now) and chicken breast for a filling meal.

RECIPE: Brown Rice Salad with Apples

Rice Cakes

I love rice cakes — they’re tender yet flavorful. Just pass on the deep-fried kind. Gently sauté them in a nonstick skillet with a small amount of oil. Experiment with various vegetables and spices — bell pepper, shredded zucchini and dried oregano is a great combo. Or give yours a Mexican flair with beans.

RECIPE: Rice & Corn Cakes with Spicy Black Beans

Rice & Beans

This classic combination isn’t only delicious, it’s a great choice for vegetarians and carnivores alike. Together, rice and beans provide all the different types of protein that your body needs. Serve up as an easy side dish, or wrap in tortillas with salsa and grilled veggies for tasty burritos.

RECIPE: Adobo Rice & Black Beans

Chicken & Rice Soup

Or really, any soup will do! As the cold weather sets in, I’m dusting off my soup recipes for the coming months. If you’re pressed for time, make my Speedy Soup with leftover brown rice to replace the whole-grain pasta. When you’ve got more time, prepare this recipe from scratch, and add cooked rice at the end.

RECIPE: Curried Chicken and Rice Soup (shown above)

PHOTO: Antonis Achilleos / Food Network Magazine

TELL US: How do you use up your extra rice?

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Comments (6)

  1. julo says:

    I like to use up my leftover rice in a quick egg scramble. I'll scramble up some eggs, then throw in brown rice and some arugula or mache (my go-to lettuces of choice), once the lettuce is wilted I add a little parmesan cheese on top, and I've got a tasty and healthy meal in minutes!

  2. Lina says:

    I make rice pudding. yum!

  3. Two favorites.
    Rice and beans, whole grain rice and any kind of bean.
    Rice pilaf. Again, whole grain rice, dried fruit, and nuts on top.

  4. Becky says:

    Baked Rice Pudding or Fried Rice, usually.

    Baked Rice Pudding

    3 slightly beaten eggs
    1½ cups milk
    ½ cup heavy cfeam
    1½ cups cooked rice
    ½ cup sugar
    ½ cup raisins, optional
    1 tsp. vanilla
    ¼ tsp. salt
    ground cinnamon and nutmeg

    In bowl, combine all ingredients. Mix well. Bake in a greased 10x6x2" baking dish at 325ºF for 50 minutes till knife inserted halfway between center and edge comes out clean. Serve warm or chilled. Serves 6

    ½ cup butter
    ½ cup brown sugar
    ½ cup heavy cream
    2 teaspoons vanilla

    Combine all ingredients in saucepan, whisking, and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and serve over warm rice pudding.

  5. folsäure says:

    I like rice very much. I take daily with meal. Thanks for different rice recipes. Once I eat rice cakes. It was very yummy. So I would like to make it first.

  6. gaby says:

    wow that sounds yummy, im gonna try it tonight. i actually have some fresh arugula.
    thanks for that recipe julo
    :P tasty

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