Spotlight Recipe: Mean Green Cucumber Juice

by in Healthy Recipes, August 29, 2009

Mean Green Cucumber Juice
Look at that bright green color — how can you not be intrigued? I’ve been looking for some unusual drinks — both loaded and unloaded — to feature at an upcoming cocktail party, and this just might be the show stealer. Although I haven’t tested it yet, I’m heading to the farmers’ market tomorrow, where I’m sure to find boatload of cukes. One Food Network recipe reviewer also had a great suggestion: Serve it plain for the abstainers or add a shot of tequila for the more adventurous.

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  1. Nice healthy recipe! I like Cucumber juice as it is very light delight. So I take it every morning but I make it some different way as you mentioned here. So thanks for its recipe. I will try to make it as you described.

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