Spotlight Recipes: Light & Fresh Side Salads

by in Healthy Recipes, May 23, 2009

Chopped Fixins Salad
We’ve got you covered with tons of grilling info to prep for you for the start of summer, but what about some simple side dishes? These salads travel well and will work wonders at your next cookout.

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Comments (2)

  1. Thanks, Dana. – Yum!

    You know that old adage, “Man cannot live by bread alone”? Well, my mantra would sound a little different …

    “Woman can live by salad alone” :-)

    I won’t say I’m a salad “addict”, but I will say that I could eat salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


  2. Krikri says:

    Hi: Aside traveling well, the sheer simplicity will make everyone want to try out this suggestion.

    Dana, the pic you chose for this post is perfect – the salad is served and ready to eat.(There is a spoon at the side).

    But back to the recipe you suggested, you see the Mediterranean Chopped Salad from EatingWell has been on my watch list. I particularly liked the recipe for its ease – just 2 lines of cooking steps.

    Mediterranean recipes represent a peculiar culinary situation for cooks. The meals are a blend of Mexican, Oriental and European ingredients.

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