Order This, Not That: Subway

by in Dining Out, January 26, 2009

When it comes to fast food, sandwiches seem like a smart choice, and in many cases, they are. There are still some menu items that might surprise you. So when dining at Subway, the king of quick sandwiches, we suggest…

ORDER: The Fresh Fit options
The subs on the Fresh Fit menu contain less than 375 calories (without cheese or mayonnaise). Go for ones with less sodium such as the Veggie Delite, Oven Roasted Chicken Breast or Roast Beef. Load up on fresh vegetables for toppings (to boost your nutrients), and get a six-inch sandwich on wheat bread. Avoid the wraps — they have more calories and sodium. For condiments, try mustard or a small amount of oil and vinegar. Ditch mayo and other creamy sauces and dressings. Complete the meal with a small bag of baked chips or pretzels and a calorie-free drink.

NOT: A tuna sub, footlongs or the extra soup and cookies
A six-inch tuna sub has 530 calories, 31 grams of fat and 7 grams of saturated fat thanks to all the mayonnaise. A footlong ham sub has almost 600 calories and more than a day’s worth of sodium. Extras like soups and cookies will add hundreds of calories to your meal, so stick to the sandwiches.

Check out the Subway menu’s full nutrition information.

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Comments (68)

  1. macgaff says:

    I love these articles! So informative!

  2. Jarrett says:

    This diet helped me win the biggest loser contest!

  3. Erika says:

    Thank you so much.I would have never guess that all of the sandwiches were not the lower cal. and carb. picks.I thought if it is a sandwich it was just better.

  4. Marlene says:

    I am a Weight Watchers member and one thing that I have learned that is also very helpful is to also skip the cheese on your sandwich; opt for a shaking of parmesan cheese instead.

  5. reggie says:

    Very interesting blog today.

  6. richkats says:

    That’s almost exactly what I order at Subway. The only difference is honey oat bread and turkey. Does the turkey have more sodium than the chicken?

  7. Natalie Michael says:

    These are great tips for people who dont get the chance to eat home. They have to pick from what a food place has. This is a nice way for people to eat healthier when they have to eat out! :)

  8. C.J. says:

    To richkats – the oven roasted chicken breast would have much much less sodium and fat than the turkey. The turkey is "lunchmeat" and any type of lunchmeat is full of fat & sodium. The roasted chicken breast is "real" chicken oven baked.

  9. anne says:

    To richkats and C.J.
    If you look at the nutrition guide included with this artice, the Turkey has 40 less calories than the oven roasted chicken breast, but the chicken has 170g less sodium. It would all depend on which you want to cut out more.

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