Online Weight Loss Tools to Get You Started

by in Healthy Tips, January 5, 2009

There are many online tools to help you get healthier — so many, in fact, that you might not know were to begin. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite FREE online weight loss tools. Check them out and find the ones that suit your needs. (Just ignore any of those ads touting empty promises — it’s the online tool we love, not the scantily clad person with big muscles.)

Figuring calorie needs
Knowing how many calories you need is useful for losing weight. Used together with a food tracker, you can figure out where you can cut back to meet your goals.

Calculating BMI
Body Mass Index (BMI) measures your body fatness based on your height and weight. It is used as a guideline to check if you are at risk for various types of health conditions.

Tracking your meals
Food trackers are online logs where you input everything you consume throughout the day, even beverages. Although it’s time consuming, it can reveal a lot about your eating patterns and help you keep notes all in one place.

Adding up your water
Not sure you drink enough water every day? This tracker can help keep you on target.

Keeping a journal
Eating in response to your moods can sabotage even the healthiest eater. Keeping tabs on how you feel gives you a new perspective on what and when you eat. It can also serve as a quick food diary if you don’t want to calorie-check each food item (like in a food tracker).

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