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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Blais

by in Shows, November 3rd, 2014

Richard Blais, host of Hungry GamesThere’s no doubt that Chef Richard Blais has one of the most-creative minds in the culinary world. Fans of his have seen him experiment with ingredients often on Iron Chef America, Chopped All-Stars and Top Chef, his claim to fame being his winning of its All-Stars season. But Richard, just like many other chefs in the culinary world, had to start somewhere, even if it meant cutting his teeth in a fast food joint. But there’s so much more you might not know about the host of the new series Hungry Games.

Get to know Richard a bit better and find out six things you might not have known before.

Richard reveals six facts about himself

Get to Know Richard Blais, Culinary Tastemaker and Trailblazer

by in Shows, October 27th, 2014

Richard Blais, host of Hungry GamesWhat do kids do when their parents tell them not to play with their food? They play with it even more, right? Well if it wasn’t for kids like those, there wouldn’t be chefs like Richard Blais. Richard has parlayed his love for food — and experimenting with it — into a successful career, winning TV culinary competitions and opening restaurants from Atlanta to San Diego. Now as the host of the new series Hungry Games, he’s delving into the science-y side of food, discovering what makes us crave certain dishes — and dislike certain ingredients.

Watching the series, viewers will see that there’s more to food than eating it, and who better to lead us through various games and experiments than Richard himself? Find out what got him interested in food and how it led to a culinary career, and learn what keeps him immersed in the industry.

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Host Richard Blais Offers Some Food for Thought on the New Series Hungry Games

by in Shows, October 15th, 2014

Richard Blais, host of Hungry GamesWhen it comes to food, many of us might not think past the fact that if you’re hungry, you eat. It’s natural. It’s survival. But there’s more to it: Why do you suddenly crave a certain food over another? And what is it about eating that’s so pleasurable — that happy byproduct of sustenance? In the new series Hungry Games, chef and food geek Richard Blais delves into the science of food, beyond everything you thought you knew. There’s more to that pizza craving than you thought!

Watch the premiere on Monday, Oct. 20 at 8|7c (with a sneak peek on Sunday, Oct. 19 at 10|9c) and join Richard Blais for a Twitter Q&A on Monday, Oct. 20, at 1pm EST. Tweet with the hashtag #HungryGames

We recently caught up with Richard to chat about the show’s concept.

FN Dish: How would you sum up the concept of the show? What do you think viewers will take away from it?
Richard Blais: It’s a show full of “wouldn’t you knows.” It’s on-the-street experiments and taste tests and a real family-friendly dose of fun education. I learn so much shooting each episode, and the viewers will get a kick out of playing along at home. It will be a show where families bet on who’s doing the dishes by playing along!

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Food Network’s New Show Hungry Games Will Change the Way You Think About Food

by in Shows, September 15th, 2014

Richard Blais on Food Network's Hungry GamesEver wonder why ice cream is so addictive, or why it gives you a brain freeze when you eat it too fast? And how about that restaurant menu item that sounds so irresistible that you have to order it, even if it means paying a premium? In Food Network’s new series Hungry Games, premiering Monday, Oct. 20 at 8|7c with a sneak peek on Sunday, Oct. 19 at 10|9c, Chef Richard Blais reveals how you taste, choose and crave your favorite foods.

In fun, often hidden camera experiments, Richard interacts with people on the street, in supermarkets and in restaurants, testing the way they experience food. You’ll be surprised about the inner workings of the brain when it comes to food — it may just change the way you think about how you eat.

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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Blais — Chopped All-Stars

by in Shows, March 28th, 2013

Richard BlaisFN Dish is counting down to the Season 3 premiere of Chopped All-Stars by introducing a competitor every day. Sixteen competitors including Food Network and Cooking Channel talent, renowned chefs, Chopped judges and celebrities are competing for a chance to win the title of All-Stars champion and a $50,000 donation to charity. Watch the premiere on Sunday, April 7, at 9pm/8c and keep coming back to FN Dish for exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes previews.

Richard Blais is best known for winning Top Chef All-Stars and his innovative take on cuisine. A native New Yorker, Richard relocated to Atlanta in 2000, where he founded Trail Blais, a creative culinary company that has consulted on, designed and operates some of Atlanta’s most-popular eateries, including The Spence, Flip Burger Boutique and HD1. His first cookbook, Try This at Home: From My Head to Your Plate, was recently released. But there’s more about Richard that you don’t know ‑ for example, he loves chicken wings for a late-night snack. Find out more about Richard in his Q&A below.

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