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5 Questions With Gabriella Gershenson of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, April 28th, 2011

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Last Thursday, the second season of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle premiered, promising an all-new set of contestants aspiring to open their own restaurants –- all in just one day.

We asked three of the judges to talk about the new season, the drama we can expect and advice they can share. Last week, Alison Brod gave us her advice from a public relations standpoint. Today, we’re talking with Gabriella Gershenson, a senior editor at Saveur magazine.

Tune in tonight for a new episode of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle at 10pm/9c.

FN Dish: For the new season, what are some changes we can expect?
Well, you’ll be seeing more of the original four—Alison, Scott, Geoffrey and myself—but there are also some great additions to the judges table. For instance, David Sax, a deli expert and contributing editor at Saveur magazine, where I work, joins us when two Jewish-style restaurants face off.

FN Dish: What is the most common mistake you come across?
Some chefs serve dishes that they have never attempted before coming on the show. Huh? I don’t get that. Second most common: chefs who don’t taste their dishes before serving them.

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