One-on-One with the Latest Food Network Star Finalists to Go Home

by , July 30th, 2017

Food Network StarThe nature of the Food Network Star beast is such that no matter how much mentors Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis have to teach the finalists, their time is limited, which means they're forced to make quick decisions about who has the greate...

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Chefs’ Picks: Kid-Friendly Snacks in NYC

by in Restaurants, July 30th, 2017

Okra Fries from Old Monk
Chefs’ Picks tracks down what the pros are eating and cooking from coast to coast.

Chefs in New York City work practically non-stop, which makes a food break with family all the sweeter. And though they may helm their own professional kitchens, these top toques let their kids steer the way when it comes time to get some grub. From cooking together at home to sharing scoops at an ice cream shop, here is what the future food fans of the Big Apple love to eat. Read more

Take 5: Summer Slow Cooker Dinners

by in Recipes, View All Posts, July 30th, 2017

Turkey Mole TacosA workhorse during winter months for stews, chili and hot cider, slow cookers are often forgotten during the warmer months in favor of outdoor meals cooked on the grill. But then reality kicks and you realize that grilling on a Tuesday night is not as much fun as you planned because you’ve got a packed evening and an even busier rest of the week that you need to prepare for. Enter your slow cooker, back in action and ready to save the day. The best part? No stovetops or ovens involved, so your kitchen will stay cool even though the meal is hot.

Take back your weeknights and with some classic slow cooker meals that are perfect for summer nights. All of these recipes can be prepped in less than 40 minutes and practically cook themselves in the slow cooker. Stay one step ahead and prep the ingredients in the bowl of the slow cooker the night before, then store in the fridge and place into the slow cooker housing in the morning before you leave.

Turkey Mole Tacos (pictured above)
Moles are traditional Mexican sauces made with chiles and chocolate, and about 20 other ingredients and a fair amount of patience to make. Achieve the authentic flavor with just 15 minutes of prep work and let the slow cooker do the heavy lifting in this shortcut meal. Read more

For $25,000, You Can Dig Into This ‘Game of Thrones’ Cake

by in News, July 29th, 2017

For $25,000, You Can Dig Into This 'Game of Thrones' CakeHowever you marked the launch of the seventh season of “Game of Thrones,” it probably wasn’t with an enormous edible homage to Peter Dinklage’s character, Tyrion Lannister, seated — quite comfortably, it appears — on the Iron Throne.

Just guessing …

One “Game of Thrones” fan, whose favorite character is Tyrion, apparently did though. He commissioned Broadway Bakery, Dubai-based purveyor of “custom cakes for any occasion,” to create a gigantic cake to serve more than a hundred guests at a “Game of Thrones”-themed party. So, to meet the exacting standards of the private client, the bakery created used luxury ingredients to create what it says is the “World’s Most Expensive $25,000 Cake” — which might prompt one to ask “Aren’t all $25,000 equally expensive?” if that weren’t missing the point.

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Oh, Go Ahead, It’s Summer: Eat Dessert for Dinner

by in Recipes, View All Posts, July 28th, 2017

If you can’t break the rules a little during the lazy, hazy days of summer, when can you? These fruity, indulgent desserts are filling, vibrant — and too delicious to wait to eat until after dinner anyway. Elevate one to the main event this week.

Deep Dish Peach Pie

This towering beauty is a bountiful way to celebrate peach season. With each hefty slice, you get a truly satisfying portion of buttery crust and loads of fruit; if you had eaten normal dinner, you might not have had enough room to really enjoy it!

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Show Someone You Care with a Kale Bouquet

by in News, July 28th, 2017

Nothing says “I dig you” like flowers, except maybe … kale?

The idea of kale bouquets is sparking our collective leafy green imagination, generating attention on social media and in the media.

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Why Alcohol Content Is Measured in ‘Proof’

by in Drinks, News, July 27th, 2017

Why Alcohol Content Is Measured in 'Proof'Did you ever wonder why alcohol content is measured in “proof” — and why that number differs from the other number you’ll see on your bottle of vodka and whiskey, ABV (alcohol by volume)?

While alcohol by volume, or the percentage of alcohol in the liquid, is a standard measure of alcohol strength across the world (a 30 percent ABV spirit in the U.S. also a 30 percent ABV spirit in France), the proof scale varies.

And if that sounds a little fuzzy — kind of like how you might feel if you’ve had a few – here are a few facts about proof to help provide clarity:

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Chatting with Guest Judges Jamele Hill and Jaymee Sire

by , July 27th, 2017

Food Network StarThe Food Network Star competition has dwindled to just four remaining hopefuls, which means that this week, with just a few challenges left until the finale, the pressure will be on the competitors to deliver Star-worthy performances every step of th...

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Punch is Making a Comeback and We Don’t Hate It

by in Drinks, Recipes, July 26th, 2017

Rum PunchPunch is back. And we’re not talking the ubiquitous red drink of unknown origins from classic 80’s movie high school prom scenes that someone inevitably gets pushed into. Totally customizable to your palate and party-type, punch is a crowd pleaser from summer cookouts to black-tie events.

The big-batch drink we know today is a descendant of a Hindi drink made of five ingredients – tea, liquor, water, sugar and lemon – which was popularized during the British empire’s rule in India. Mariners loved the stuff for all of the obvious reasons but also, thanks to a dose of citrus, punch’s ability to ward off scurvy during long trips at sea.

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Get Ready to Go Back to Kitchen Stadium for All-New Series Iron Chef Showdown

by in Shows, July 25th, 2017

Iron Chef GauntletFresh off this spring’s game-changing Iron Chef Gauntlet competition, Alton Brown, the Chairman, and Iron Chefs you know and love are heading back to Kitchen Stadium for an all-new culinary contest: Iron Chef Showdown.

Inspired by the fan-favorite series Iron Chef America, Iron Chef Showdown will bring together the likes of A-list Iron Chefs Bobby Flay, Jose Garces, Michael Symon, Alex Guarnaschelli and Stephanie Izard, who earned the coveted title just this year following her victory on Iron Chef Gauntlet. Look out for brand-new Secret Ingredients, all-star-chef matchups and elite culinary competition of the highest order. Alton will be on hand to host Iron Chef Showdown, while Mark Dacascos will reprise his role as Chairman. Plus, Jaymee Sire will enter the kitchen as a floor reporter, bringing you all the insider details of the what’s and how’s of each battle.

Whose cuisine will reign supreme? You’ll have to wait until later this year to find out. Stay tuned to Food Network for all the details on what’s ahead and when.