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What’s Nutritional Yeast?

by , June 2nd, 2012
nutritional yeast

Have you tried nutritional yeast?

Nutritional yeast is a source of great mystery for most people. Isn’t yeast what makes bread rise? And beer ferment? Yes, but nutritional yeast is quite different. It’s non-active yeast that has been grown (u...

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How To Grow Herbs: Indoors and Outdoors

by , May 27th, 2012

Want to grow your own?

The right herb can really make a recipe. Whether it brings brightness to a beverage or spice to a saute, herbs are invaluable, flavorful, add-ins when it comes to healthy cooking. With the warm months upon us, growing your own ...

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Tea 101

by , May 7th, 2012

Which tea is your favorite?

Tea is the second most popular beverage around the world, eclipsed only by water. In general, tea refers to dried leaves of the camellia sinensis plant prepared by steeping in hot water. It can be served hot or cold. In th...

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Nutrient Rating Systems

by , April 15th, 2012
guiding stars

Have you seen foods rated with the Guiding Stars rating in your grocery store?

With thousands of food choices at your local store it can be difficult to know if you are choosing foods that are truly good for you. In recent years there have been sever...

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Better Food Choices: Making the Switch

by , March 18th, 2012
grocery bag

Start making healthier choices today.

Healthy eating can be defined in many ways and has different meanings for different people. But at the end of the day it’s about making small, simple, upgrades to your current diet to improve your overall h...

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Food Labeling 101: Understanding Label Claims

by , March 4th, 2012
grocery shopping

Are you confused by label claims? You're not alone.

The supermarket aisles are flooded with health claims from “healthy, all-natural” frozen dinners to “cholesterol-lowering” granola bars. We’re constantly getting conflicti...

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Food Labeling 101: Understanding the Nutrition Facts Label

by , February 25th, 2012

nutritional label
For a long time, I was that person awkwardly standing in the middle of a supermarket aisle staring at the myriad of cereals wondering which was right for me. But the reality is the Nutrition Facts label on the back of each box provides me with all t...

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Easy Healthy Recipe Swaps

by , February 18th, 2012

Looking for a healthier alternative to breadcrumbs? Try ground nuts.

I am constantly looking for new ways to incorporate healthy ingredients into my meals, and that does not have to mean creating boring, uninspired dishes. I decided to challenge myse...

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