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Showing Favoritism:’s Top Recipes of 2010

by in Recipes, View All Posts, December 26th, 2010

2010 is drawing to a close, and many of us may find ourselves looking back over the year at goals achieved, trials overcome, times spent with friends and family and – if you’re anything like us – meals eaten. We’ve pulled together your favorite recipes from the past year in one place, so if you’re looking to revisit a beloved mac ‘n cheese dish or you’re searching for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, look no further; we’ve got you covered! As a little taste, here are five of my favorite recipes from the roundup.

Paula's Baked French Toast Casserole with Maple Syrup

Paula’s irresistible French Toast Casserole can be pulled together ahead of time, and then popped in the oven for an early-morning treat. Waking up to the sweet, cinnamon smell of the baking casserole is a real pleasure, as the 1,346 reviewers can attest to!

Good Eats Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a tried-and-true classic, a comfort food tradition for many. Messing with that sort of thing can be risky, but Alton changes up the flavors in his Meatloaf with skillful aplomb, punching up the spice mixture with cayenne and chili, and adding cumin and hot pepper sauce to the glaze. A no-fail, knockout recipe for meatloaf novices and masters alike – as evidenced by the 432 rave reviews.

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Thanksgiving Side of the Day: Giada’s Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta

by in Holidays, November 24th, 2010

brussels sprouts with pancetta
The clock is ticking ever closer on the Thanksgiving countdown, but we’re still featuring different side dishes to inspire your harvest spread right up until the big day itself.  We’ve covered the basics – stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed and sweet potato options – but if you’ve been waiting for something a little fresher, your time has come. Giada’s Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta should be able to win over even your pickiest eaters – simmered in chicken broth and tossed with crisp, garlicky pancetta and shallots they’re both a refreshingly light companion to Thanksgiving’s heartier fare without being any less indulgent.

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Thanksgiving Side of the Day: Alton’s Southern Biscuits

by in Holidays, November 19th, 2010

altons southern biscuits
Thanksgiving is inching ever closer, and if you haven’t already, you’re probably starting to give some serious thought about what to lay out on that table of yours. That’s why every day this week, we here at Food Network are featuring different Thanksgiving Side Dishes to help you celebrate this harvest festival in style.

Whether your Thanksgiving is going to be an intimate affair or a more boisterous gathering, it can be tricky to find dishes to suit the myriad tastes of friends and family. Trying to balance all of the likes and dislikes of your family and friends in one meal can send even the most accomplished of chefs into panic mode.

These airy Southern Biscuits from Alton Brown are sure to please even the pickiest eater, and are a perfect alternative to stuffing, dressing, and mashed potatoes. Light and golden, warm and tangy, these buttermilk biscuits pair perfectly with almost anything (and sop up all of that gravy like nothing else). Aside from being irresistibly delicious, this recipe is easy to double  for crowds and virtually foolproof. To streamline your day-of preparations, make and freeze them a few days in advance; pop them in the oven for fluffy, homemade biscuits just in time for dinner.

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Thanksgiving Dessert of the Day: Chocolate Almond Torte

by in View All Posts, November 9th, 2010
A little dark rum spices up this dark chocolate torte for chilly holiday nights.

Here at we’re all for eating dessert first, which is why we’re sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving Dessert recipes with you each day this week. We’ve already given a shout out to Paula’s perfectly classic Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie, but if the chocolate lovers out there are looking for something sweet to sink their teeth into, check out this Chocolate-Almond Torte. Sliced nuts, fresh orange zest and a hint of dark rum spice up the flavors without distracting from the main attraction: just-sweet-enough dark chocolate cake.

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