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Make Your Own Fruit Lollipops

by , October 22nd, 2013

There’s no escaping sugar when it comes to a lollipop–but you can steer clear of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Just in time for Halloween, here’s how to make your own delicious suckers with natural flavorings.


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Exercise and Eating: Myths vs. Facts

by , October 21st, 2013

Trying to get more activity but not sure where food comes in? Figure out the best way to fuel your exercise sessions by busting these five common myths.

Myth: Only eat protein after a workout.
Fact: Exercise enthusiasts often over-prioritize protein...

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How to Bake Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

by , October 19th, 2013

vegan cupcake
Vegan recipes may seem daunting, but a few simple ingredient swaps are all it takes to make a delectable dessert without any dairy or eggs.

Vegan Vanilla Bean Cupcakes
Makes 18

¾ cup maple syrup
¼ cup canola oil
¼ cup unsweetened apple...

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10 Ways to Make a Healthier Pizza

by , October 17th, 2013

spinach ricotta pizza
Pizza can go either way: quintessential greasy junk food or healthy combo of fresh ingredients. Which one sounds better to you (and for you)? Here’s how to build a pie with a healthier profile.

1)    Give it a Whole-Grain Crust
You can make...

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10 Healthy (and Easy) Canned Bean Recipes

by , October 10th, 2013

eggs with beans
From simple sides to upscale mains dishes, here’s how to get more of this tasty and budget-friendly protein into your diet.

What to look for
The health benefits of beans are extensive. Canned varieties make for quick recipes, plus you can̵...

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5 Signs You’re Over-Snacking

by , October 7th, 2013

Snacking throughout the day is good for your metabolism and helps to prevent dramatic spikes in hunger, but it’s still possible to go overboard. So check your snacking habits: Are you an over-snacker?

1) You always grab refined carbs

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Food Fight!: Pancakes vs. French Toast

by , October 3rd, 2013

Which one of these morning staples is the healthier choice? The answer in this battle of the breakfast goods might surprise you.

French Toast
french toastThick slices of bread drenched in creamy custard, then pan-fried in butter and drenched in maple syrup can...

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Break Out of a Veggie Rut!

by , September 30th, 2013

chard, sqaush, and tomatoes
Have the desire to eat more vegetables but find yourself always turning to the same familiar picks? Figure out which other veggies might be in your comfort zone with these comparisons.

If you like kale, try Swiss chard
This popular leafy green has a...

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How to Pick a Gluten-Free Cereal

by , September 28th, 2013

If gluten-free cereal is on your shopping list, check out these tips and top brands before your next trip to the store.

Gluten-Free Labeling
Thanks to a new FDA ruling, all gluten-free products will have to meet strict criteria to be labeled as suc...

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15 Healthy (and Delicious) Sweet Potato Recipes

by , September 27th, 2013

mashed sweet potatoes
It’s the perfect time of year for this low-calorie, full flavored root veggie. Get your sweet potato on.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes (above)
Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Soup

Grilled, Roasted & Baked
Garlic and...

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