Someone Has Made an Edible Fidget Spinner

by in News, June 14th, 2017

Someone Has Made an Edible Fidget SpinnerOur collective appetite for fidget spinners is so great that it was probably only a matter of time before someone made an edible version of the ultra-trendy, purportedly stress-reducing toy. You can now get a fully functioning fidget spinner that’s actually a tasty-looking cookie.

Award-winning Dallas-based custom cookie creator Clearly Cookies has created a frosted sugar cookie in the shape of a fidget spinner that promises “to keep your attention and relieve your hunger.”

The cookies come in two versions, one that spins and one that does not. The spinning cookie — an outer cookie that turns on a circular cookie axis (clever!) — costs more dough ($6 apiece) than the non-spinning one ($4.50 apiece). Both are customizable, in terms of color, and can be ordered to ship nationwide. (You can watch the spinning version in action here.)

So basically, you can play with it to relieve stress, and if that doesn’t work, go ahead and stress-eat it. Crunch!

Photo courtesy of @clearlycookies

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