Welcome, Rosé Season: It’s Officially Time to Drink Pink Wine

by in Drinks, In Season, June 9th, 2017

The New FroseYou know those “rules” about not wearing white pants after Labor Day and waiting 30 minutes after eating to swim? Yeah, we tend to avoid those rules. The same goes for rosé wine. Yes, it’s definitely more enjoyable to sip this pink wine in the summer, while sunning ourselves on a patio somewhere, but to be honest, we’ve been known to drink rosé on the couch in the winter every once in a while too. But now that summer it actually is summer (well, almost) and we’ll be finding ourselves on a lot more patios in the coming days, we’re moving into an all-rosé-all-the-time phases. Beyond popping the cork on a cool, crisp bottle and drinking rosé straight-up, we plan to celebrate tomorrow’s National Rosé Day holiday and all our summer sun sessions with these four pink eats and drinks.

The New Frose (pictured above)
Break out the ice cream maker, but think beyond ice cream. Here a bottle of rosé and strawberries are churned together to make a frosty, slushy sipper.

Rose Wine GummiesRose Wine Gummies
Yep, there’s actual rosé wine in these bites of candy. The secret ingredient? Unflavored gelatin powder, which turns the liquid into squishy gummies.

Rose SangriaRose Sangria
It’s best to prep this rosé-brandy cocktail at least an hour before serving, so the flavors have time to marry; you want the fruit to become slightly boozy and the booze to become slightly fruity.

Pushable Rosé PopsPushable Rosé Pops
The same unflavored gelatin you used to make the gummies will help you make these party-ready pops. Start with a round of premade pound cake, and then pour over the rosé-gelatin mixture and drop in a few raspberries for taste and texture.

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