3 Ways to Get Your Poaching On

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Poached EggsIf you’ve ever enjoyed a plate of eggs Benedict for brunch, you know the rich decadence of poached eggs. To poach something is to cook it in liquid, and those poached eggs nestled atop a bed of Canadian ham and an English muffin bottom were gently simmered in hot water. Though poaching an egg requires a bit more finesse than does, say, scrambling one, the process is simple nonetheless — as is the technique of poaching just about anything else. On this morning’s all-new episode of The Kitchen, the co-hosts shared tips for poaching eggs, plus salmon and pear. Read on below to get the recipes.

How to Make Poached Eggs
Let’s start with breakfast so you can make your own eggs Benedict. In addition to the eggs, you’ll need just one ingredient: vinegar, which helps to keep the whites intact and surrounding the yolks, instead of running in the water. It’s a good idea to crack the eggs into bowls before dropping them in the vinegar-laced water; in case the yolks break, you’ll be able to rescue them beforehand.

Poached SalmonHow to Make Poached Salmon
Instead of water, opt for a stock-based liquid when poaching fish (or meat), since the stock will infuse the protein with added flavor. This recipe combines vegetable stock, white wine and aromatics. Once the mixture if simmering, you simply drop in the fish and let it cook gently.

Poached PearsHow to Make Poached Pears
Just as proteins can get poached in a flavorful liquid, so too can fruit. To make these crimson-colored pears, cook them until tender in a sweet red wine bath scented with fragrant cinnamon and bright orange zest.

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