“I Couldn’t Put You in a Box in a Box” — Alton’s After-Show

by in Shows, October 10th, 2016

If the first two weeks of Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament of Terror were any indication, Alton Brown is not holding back when it comes to his or the judges’ costumes. (Remember when Alton rolled in on a dolly while wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask in Heat 1?) This week’s installment, the third heat in the tournament, was no exception, with Alton sporting an alien getup and Jet Tila transforming himself into Jetbot 2000, a straightedged robot with decidedly clunky arms and legs. During the competition, Jet had a tricky time navigating the stairs into the kitchen, and on the After-Show, his struggles only continued.

“I couldn’t put you in a box in a box,” Alton joked to Jet as the host showed off a Round 1 challenge that landed one chef in a closed coffin. Jet’s oversize costume spared him from having to try out that sabotage, but he did have to exercise his quick-thinking search — and reach — skills when Alton introduced him to a Round 3 picture test. “You must find all of them,” Alton told Jet, explaining that he was to find and circle various ingredient pictures hidden in a large landscape. Jet eventually succeeded in finding the items, but he needed Alton’s help in getting to the board — and ultimately this foreshadowed more of what was to come for him.

In Round 1 of the contest, Chef Jenny could hardly get her hands on her workstation, on account of the unwieldly gate that was positioned away from the table, so it was no surprise that Jet was rendered basically helpless when he attempted to work through that same sabotage. “You’re really getting a good start there,” Alton joked to Jet, who fumbled the devil’s food cake ingredients as he tried to move them with only his fingers. “There’s no way,” Jet told Alton, who was set on the judge persevering in an effort to make cake.

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