Worst Cooks in America: The Best of Episode 3 in GIFs

by in Shows, January 20th, 2016

Nick grew a taste budRelive some of the craziest and funniest moments from Worst Cooks in America in the following GIFs.

The effect of tasting oysters with watermelon (Nick, pictured above).

Glenda almost falls overGlenda is all left feet.

Donna's yolkDonna thinks no one is looking.

Party in Chanda's potChanda’s incredibly excited to be making ice cream with Anne not around.

Nick narratesNick narrates his ice cream making.

Nick turns RussianNick thinks he’s suddenly Russian for using vodka in his “chodka” (cherry vodka) sauce.

Lawrence thinks he's going to winLawrence thinks he’s got the challenge in the bag, with an ice cream sandwich covered in sprinkles.

Ginny divulges informationGinny’s opinion on her strawberry ice cream.

Lawrence disagreesLawrence vehemently disagrees.

Nick eats a chileNick, of course, has to try one of the hot peppers before making his empanada.

Tyler's excitedAnd we leave you with Chef Tyler cheering on his team.

Don’t forget to tune in next Sunday at 9|8c to see what hilarity and zaniness takes over Boot Camp.

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