These Foam Food Accessories Are Totally Droolworthy

by in News, January 14th, 2016

These Foam Food Accessories Are Totally DroolworthyWant to have your cake and wear it, too? You can do that with this sweet confetti-cake bag by Dutch fashion designer and blogger Rommy Kuperus, who sells her droolworthy, handmade, food-inspired foam accessories on Etsy under the handle rommydebommy.

“My designs are full of energy, a complete color explosion with a sense of humor,” the designer, who is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, boasts on her Etsy page.

She’s not lying. Where else can you get a purse that looks like a stack of pancakes (complete with a pat of butter on top and syrup dripping down the sides), a chocolate-chip cookie, a bucket of popcorn, a doughnut, a whopping wedge of cheese, or a frying pan with a fried egg in it?

Or a necklace that looks like a soft-serve ice cream cone (vanilla — goes with everything), a bag of gumballs or a bunch of chocolate bonbons?

Or a bowtie that looks like a burrito, a waffle (with butter and honey), a bunch of French fries (with ketchup, although you can also get it with mayo), or — oh, the cleverness! — a piece of bowtie pasta? (That farfalle neckwear is totally far out — a truly craveworthy cravat.)

For the more understated, there’s always this tea biscuit clutch.

Photo courtesy of @rommydebommy

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