Perfectly Portioned Sweets to Keep Resolutions in Check

by in Recipes, January 4th, 2016

So you’ve hopped on the resolution bandwagon and vowed to eat more responsibly in 2016. After all that holiday excess, we don’t blame you. But it doesn’t mean you have to eliminate dessert from your diet entirely. For someone with sweet tooth like mine, that would only result in a disastrous leftover-holiday-cookie binge on day two. Instead, allow yourself to indulge in responsible, restrained portions of the sweet you crave most — whether it be chocolate, gummy candy or crème brulee.

46 Chocolate Chips
Instead of breaking out the whole bag of chocolate chips left over from all that holiday baking and snacking away, count out 46 chips and enjoy. That tally clocks in at a reasonable 100 calories.

Half a Cupcake

Craving a cupcake? Split one with a buddy when you pass the tempting bakery display. Most frosted cupcakes have about 220 calories, so snacking on half of one won’t take you off the diet rails.

14 Swedish Fish

This chewy treat has about 7 calories per piece, so count out 14 fish to keep your portion to 100 calories. Portion them out ahead of time for a perfect sweet snack to stash in your bag and bring to the movies.

Tiny Creme Brulee
You say you’ll have just a bite, but once that ramekin appears with its crackly blowtorched sugar crust, you’re toast. These miniature versions use a vanilla wafer as the base for a bite-size dollop of delicate custard.

Tiny Banana Splits
These little guys will totally satisfy a banana split craving, even without the ice cream. They’re super-simple to make as an after-dinner treat, and hey, it’s fruit, right?

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