Here’s How to Eat Mac and Cheese for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner — Comfort Food Feast

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Breakfast Macaroni and CheeseCooked on the stovetop and devoured as is, or doctored up with all kinds of additions and oftentimes baked to bubbling, crispy-on-top perfection, mac and cheese is a comfort food mainstay that both adults and kids can agree on with glee. It’s so beloved, in fact, that just about no one would argue about having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With recipes inspired by the morning meal, a salad favorite and more, you probably could do just that, without ever tiring of it.

Breakfast Macaroni and Cheese with Sausage and Hash Browns

If you’re asking us, this breakfast-inspired mac and cheese gives you all the excuse in the world to take it with a cup of coffee. It’s super-easy to make, with store-bought hash browns serving as a crispy, satisfying topping and morsels of savory breakfast sausage being scattered throughout the whole dish.

Grilled Chicken Caesar MacGrilled Chicken Caesar Mac

Think of Rachael Ray’s loaded recipe as a cross between a Caesar salad and good ol’ mac and cheese. With this one, you get all the garlicky, zippy vibes of the crunchy favorite without eating a single leaf of lettuce.

Jalapeno Popper Mac and CheeseCreamy Jalapeno Popper Mac and Cheese

If you’re into the hollowed-out, cheese-stuffed peppers we’ve come to fry and call jalapeno poppers, then odds are you’ll take seconds — hey, maybe even thirds — of this spicy mac and cheese (pictured above). Combining cheesy jalapeno pasta with a panko breadcrumb topping makes for a flavor combo that tastes just like the beloved bar snack.

Pizza Macaroni and CheeseCreamy Pizza Macaroni and Cheese

To give mac and cheese the same saucy, Italian-style vibes as a cheesy pie, simply introduce zesty pepperoni, prepared marinara sauce and sun-dried tomatoes, plus crushed red pepper and oregano.

Mac and Cheese SoupMac and Cheese Soup

On its own, a big bowl of mac and cheese is comfort food straight-up, but transforming it into a stick-to-your-spoon soup is a melty dream. Food Network Magazine thins out classic, elbow-shaped macaroni cheese using a little bit of broth for a super-warming, decadent soup.

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