5 Indulgent Side Dishes to Deck Your Holiday Table — Fall Fest

by in Holidays, Recipes, December 17th, 2015

Individual Potato GratinsRiding the coattails of Thanksgiving, the side dishes decking your holiday table are just as important as the main dishes. Sitting beside an expertly crafted rib roast or a glazed spiral ham, these indulgent, holiday-worthy side acts are as sure-to-please as it gets.

If your family is all about a creamy, indulgent side dish over the holidays (or, let’s be honest, any time), Melissa d’Arabian’s Individual Potato Gratins make it easier than ever to enjoy one. Layer sliced potatoes, Swiss cheese and chopped green onions into muffin cups, then give each one a splash of cream before baking to creamy perfection.

Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with BaconTake wholesome Brussels sprouts over to the dark side by joining them with smoky, flavor-packed bacon. Sunny Anderson’s four-ingredient Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon are roasted in both butter and the bacon fat for an over-the-top dish worthy of the holidays.

Burgundy MushroomsThe Pioneer Woman’s Burgundy Mushrooms are slow-cooked for nine hours in a whole liter of Burgundy wine, so they soak up all of the red wine’s flavor for the most-flavorful mushroom preparation you’ve ever had.

Fennel GratinFor a rich and intense holiday side, bake thinly sliced fennel in a casserole dish with cream, butter and grated Parmesan. Fennel Gratin leaves the oven browned and bubbling.

Creamed SpinachSpinach is one of those oh-so healthy ingredients that we can’t help but corrupt with a little cream and butter. Tyler Florence’s indulgent Creamed Spinach gets even more rich flavor from caramelized onions, nutmeg and garlic.

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