Colorful Thanksgiving Vegetable Sides — Fall Fest

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Best Ever Green Bean CasseroleMashed potatoes, stuffing and other sides that come in a delightful shade of beige make Thanksgiving the great holiday that it is. Still, everything in life is better with balance — even these all-important potato- and bread-based dishes. Next Thursday, build a well-rounded Thanksgiving plate with vibrant, seasonal vegetable recipes for classic Thanksgiving side dishes.

Though the green bean casserole of years past might have meant canned cream of mushroom soup and limp green beans, Alton Brown’s Best-Ever Green Bean Casserole (pictured above) is a modern take made totally from scratch. Fresh, crunchy green beans, half-and-half and real mushrooms give the dish its distinctive flavor, while home-fried onions create the crucial crispy topping.

Brussels Sprouts with BaconWith a dose of apple cider vinegar, Brussels Sprouts with Bacon is a veggie recipe worthy of a holiday. Boil sprouts in water until tender before sauteing with crispy bacon and you’ll never, ever go back.

Lemon-Maple SquashFood Network Magazine’s Lemon-Maple Squash is a simple recipe worth making room for in the oven. After rubbing it with maple syrup and lemon juice, bake it until caramelized and delightfully tender.

Glazed CarrotsCooking Glazed Carrots in coconut oil imbues a subtle sweetness that goes well with honey. A hit of Japanese togarashi gives the carrots a special spiciness, while freshly chopped parsley brightens it all up.

Caramelized Kale with Creamed ShallotsKale is anything but punishment in this rich rendition: Creamed Kale with Caramelized Shallot. Bobby Flay transforms the sturdy green into a luxurious side dish, with the caramelized shallots bringing on a natural sweetness.

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