Restaurant Revisited: Take It or Leave It at El Bistro

by in Shows, September 3rd, 2014

Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleWhat was supposed to be a welcome challenge quickly turned into a nightmare when Renae Bowens, the owner of El Bistro restaurant in Titusville, Pa., found herself facing significant financial losses. With nowhere left to turn, the single mother looked to Robert Irvine to reinvigorate her eatery, but it was ultimately up to him to reignite Renae’s hunger for the business as well. After two days of renovations on a $10,000 budget, Robert Irvine and his Restaurant: Impossible team reopened El Bistro as Renae’s Corner to a packed house. Read on below to hear from Renae and find out how her restaurant is doing today.

“After the team left, our profit went up about 50 percent,” Renae explains. ” I have been at the restaurant much more, and I have implemented many of the changes suggested to me.”

Renae admits that the updated design at Renae’s Corner has been successful, as “everyone loves it, staff and customers.” She adds, “The community has been very receptive, coming to try the food and bringing friends and family.”

As for sanitation at Renae’s Corner, Renae notes that “the kitchen staff is doing a wonderful job keeping up, and the kitchen is being cleaned every day.” They’ve even begun keeping “a cleaning log” to ensure future maintenance.

“I have maintained my boss status instead of friend status,” says Renae, who adds that she’s “not tolerating people being late or taking too many breaks.” As for her kids, Renae says that they “are proud to be at the restaurant.”

Looking back on her Restaurant: Impossible experience, Renae notes, “I would do it over again any day. I feel like the show gave me a confidence that I was lacking, and I will be forever grateful.”

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Comments (157)

  1. yyyass says:

    Everybody needs to chill about people selling their restaurants after a makeover. Robert Irvine and the producers get their show out of it and that's all that matters. All of these shows exist to sell ads to viewers, plain and simple. The "$10,000" is just the cost of doing business.

  2. Nick millerr says:

    Give her a break you idiots ….

    • Karen D says:

      No need, Nick, she put the restaurant on the market for $56,500.00. She wasn't showing ethics by not selling to Robert, he just wasn't offering as much as she wants.

      • Susan says:

        Doesn't surprise me. I really like this show but it seems too many of these people use Robert and the money from Food Network to fix up their place for free and then sell it. There should be some contract before being accepted that they won't sell for at least a year.

  3. RI Fan says:

    I just saw this episode (I am an avid fan of RI) and it seemed completely fake. To me it was so obvious that something fishy was going on. The owner and all the employees seemed to be acting (and badly!). She obviously wanted the restaurant fixed up so she could sell it… I am really surprised RI didn't walk away.

  4. Terri says:

    Can't help but think 50% of these restaurants aware just plain filthy and they call the show because they're too lazy to do themselves! They get a nice remodel out of it.

  5. Susan says:

    RENEE has not been keeping her hours that were set up when RI was there and also she keeps changing her hours. She closed on Mondays and then on Tuesdays she now puts a sign on her door saying closed for cleaning and Kitchen cleaning up keep? When I worked in restaurants all things had to be cleaned every night before we were aloud to go home at night. She is losing customers cause she is always closed when people come to eat. This past Monday she had posted her new ours to start that she would be open sat through Thursdays from 6am till 2pm but come Monday she was closed and then came Tuesday and she had sign up on door that they were closed for cleaning and then came Wed. and she was still closed now today she is open but no sign of customers coming and going. When the place is open she is not at the restaurant.

  6. nick says:

    I hate this town. Jealousy is off the charts.

  7. Dean Gajramsingh says:

    i am trying to get some help for a neighbouring restaurant in my city the food is excellent but the business is really down with this lovely place can someone direct how to do it i am not computer literate you can email me at thanks.


  8. Dean says:

    i am trying to get some help for a neighbouring restaurant in my city the food is excellent but the business is really down with this lovely place can someone direct how to do it i am not computer literate you can email me at thanks.

  9. Delve says:

    I think all you small town folks have nothing better to do then gossip because you have no life!!!! God have Merced on you people! One day you will be judged the way you judge others! Get a life! White trash!

  10. HomesteadBaker says:

    How can I watch this episode without having to pay to watch it online??

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