Smoothie 101 [Infographic]

by in How-to, Shows, August 16th, 2014

Rachael vs. Guy Smoothie Infographic

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Comments (3)

  1. 1. Milk or Green Tea
    2. Frozen Banana
    3. More Frozen Fruits
    4. Spinach
    5. Flavored Protein Powder
    6. Honey
    7. Oats

    Now this is the perfect Breakfast food for people who are going to gym in morning, atleast i prefer to have all these in morning, actually everything provided in this Infographic is good but cant have all these in one day so we have to keep changing food on daily basis so our body can have everything it requires.

    Thanks for awesome infographic..

  2. Nubee56 says:

    I use dates for the sweetness in my smoothies

  3. BeeSmoothie says:

    Awesome graphic. This is the first simple-steps infograph I've seen that actually incorporates protein powder. Good call! Happy to share this on then it's going right into a Pinterest board. Thanks again!

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