Returning Chopped Champions Compete in First-Ever Ultimate Champions Tournament

by in Shows, August 14th, 2014

Chopped Ultimate Champions CompetingAn all-new tournament comes to Chopped, which will test a group of top former champions in a high-stakes battle. What makes this competition so interesting is that groups of professional chefs, amateur home cooks, heroes and celebrities will be competing. But the playing field is completely leveled when it comes to the Chopped kitchen, where anything can come out of those mystery baskets, oftentimes confounding the most-consummate professional. The winners of the four preliminary rounds will go on to the grand finale, where only one competitor will walk away as the grand champion and the winner of the biggest prize in Chopped history, $50,000 and a brand-new car.

Ultimate Champions: Pros — Tuesday, August 26 at 10|9c
In this initial battle, four stellar professionals, Tom McKenna, Fatima Ali, Giorgio Rapicavoli and Lauren Kyles (first photo row) fight to see who will represent the pros in the finale. They have to wrangle and cook eels and figure out what to do with a super-salty veggie for their appetizers. Then, in the entree round, the champs have to work with a bird and a soda. And a special cheese and a creepy chocolate item appear in the dessert basket.

Ultimate Champions: Amateur Champs — Tuesday, September 2 at 10|9c
Beloved amateur winners Dinah Surh, Keith Young, Marisa Biaggi and Elda Bielanski (second photo row) return to the Chopped Kitchen for a shot to compete in the finale. In the appetizer round the competitors must use salsa and cheese blintzes in their culinary masterpieces. Then, as the entree round gets started, an off-balance tug-of-war over a piece of equipment has everybody laughing, except for the chef who loses the fight. And grapefruit is among the loot the last two champs find in the dessert basket.

Ultimate Champions: Heroes — Tuesday, September 9 at 10|9c
The Chopped Kitchen welcomes back four incredible cooking heroes: Army vet Robbie Myers, firefighter Paul Rut, police officer Diana Sabater and firefighter Richard Fields (third photo row). In the appetizer round, the hero champs must get creative in order to make savory dishes with pineapple and fruit-and-nut bars. Then, in the entree round, the champs find some lovely stalks of spring garlic in the basket, as well as some beautiful lamb chops. And an unpleasantly purple ingredient that the cooks must work into a dessert makes for a challenging last round.

Ultimate Champions: Celebrities — Tuesday, September 16 at 10|9c
Laila Ali, Brandi Chastain, Carnie Wilson and Gillian Vigman (fourth photo row), four Chopped Champions from the world of sports and entertainment, compete for the last spot in the finale. In the appetizer round, the celebrity champs find a peculiar type of flour and sweet tea in the baskets. Then, a can of soup in the entree round causes various issues for the competitors. And the judges taste desserts made with banana paste before deciding on the last finalist.

Tune in for the Ultimate Champions: Grand Finale on Tuesday, September 23 at 10|9c.

Visit Chopped headquarters for more on the tournament, including photo galleries, video highlights and interviews with the winners.

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Comments (9)

  1. S. Lombardo says:

    I was recently introduced to "Chopped". For a minute, I thought I was a fan. But given the time frame and the ridiculous ingredients (cotton candy, really?), I decided this wasn't a fair fight between talented chefs at all. I think you are having a laugh behind closed doors when you come up with ingredients that pretty much NO ONE has in their pantry. Cotton candy, really? I'm sorry…………….but you've been chopped!

  2. Elizabeth Murray says:

    Are you ready for Chopped Champion, and as many of you know, my cousin, NYC firefighter Paul Rut, in the Ultimate Chopped Champions Tournament? Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 10 pm. Don't ask me how it turns out because he is sworn to secrecy. Win or lose, it's exciting to cheer him on. Having indulged in many of his dishes (pulled pork and roasted suckling pig prepared in the Caja China are specialties) he is a chef supreme. Go Paulie!!!

  3. lyal says:

    when will there be a CutThroat Kitchen battle of champions?
    IMO Chopped has jumped the shark

    • pretendernx01 says:

      I disagree with thinking Chopped has jumped the shark, it's still very watchable to me. I will agree I'd like a CutThroat Champions show.

  4. Lori McNeal says:

    Chopped Champion, NYC Firefighter Paul Rut , also my brother, is a force to be reconned with! So humble he gave his winnings to help Autistic Children! So get ready Tuesday September 9th , at 10 pm for the ride of your life! Your are the BEST.
    Lori McNeal

  5. Cookster says:

    I enjoy this show sometimes, but Carnie Wilson is so annoying, always hollering I don't know what I'm doing and being loud and obnoxious. Would rather watch paint dry than listen to her.

  6. ralph says:

    who won the tournament of champions

  7. J Henderson says:

    Why does Ted say you must use all the basket ingredience. The rules should be the rules and you should automatically be chopped if you don't follow the rule no matter how bad another contestant food may be. A chef that should have been chopped went on to win the first round of the Ultimate Tournament Selective morality?

  8. Jane says:

    I love Chopped, but the background music is often so loud that you can't hear anything else.
    It is very distracting.

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