Restaurant Revisited — Golf: Impossible at Pomona Golf and Country Club

by in Shows, August 13th, 2014

Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleAt Pomona Golf and Country Club in Egg Harbor City, N.J., Robert Irvine had to contend not only with a 45-year-old joint golf course and clubhouse but also family friction amongst the owners, sisters Andy Truitt and Pam Grenda, and their cousin, Bruce Ritchie. The trio was facing losses after having failed to attract a fresher audience, and it was up to Robert to reimagine the establishment’s futures. Read on below to hear from Andy and find out how Pomona Golf and Country Club is doing today, a few months after its Restaurant: Impossible transformation.

“Business is slowly picking up,” says Andy. “We’ve had three dinners averaging 25 people.” She adds that they “using the patio” and customers have taken well to the golf carts.

Pam is still cooking at the clubhouse, and she says she’s particularly fond of the “Jumbo Dogs, Black Bean Burger [and] Chicken Salad.”

Pomona Golf and Country Club has begun advertising on Facebook, according to Andy, who says they have instituted “family memberships” and have also “hosted a couple private events.” Andy adds: “Shane does the Facebook advertising. He has filled in for part-timers and is doing odd jobs around the place.”

As far as her relationship with Pam, Andy notes that the two are “talking more, listening more [and] collaborating on some projects.”

Looking ahead to the future, Andy says, “The plan is to continue to grow the business with innovative ideas.” She adds, “We also plan to keep moving forward with improvements.”

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Comments (51)

  1. Epic Fail says:

    Wow…patio dining, what a unique and earth shattering idea. Irvine's a genious. Maybe, if he had put patio dining in the 46 restaurants he "fixed" that have closed………(rolling eyes)

    • Jepchamp says:

      Robert's got a much better track record than Gordon Ramsay. These restaurants are on their ass swhen he gets there; they're usually so far in debt that they'd have to be open and busy 24/7 to break even.

    • Jepchamp says:

      You misspelled "genius," lol. But, I have an extra "s" in front of a word because I can't see under this stupid "poll" circle thing, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    • Sunshsine says:

      It isn't because of Chef Irvine that they fail and you know it. Restaurants and Bars and the most unsuccessful business ventures anyway but to into them so blindly then get help when its about too late anyhow is not on Robert.

  2. Jason K. says:

    I like the family membership idea. Hopefully helps bring in a younger demographic. Maybe do golf camps and advertise with local schools. This place has so much potential. I hope the owners are communicating and enjoying each other. Maybe hand it over to the younger family members.

  3. Tom Chapman says:

    Most ho-hum rescue ever.

    • Jepchamp says:

      It's true; these people were so unemotional. They did a beautiful job, and Robert gave them that grill (when does he ever give stuff away?), and the owners look like they'd rather take a nap.

      • SouthernGal says:

        They are older folks and worn-out from the business.
        But mostly, and I mean this with no disrespect, they are from NJ… an area where folks are not overtly jubilant. I thought Pam looked happy about the gift of the grill. She even did a happy dance for the bean burger! :-)

  4. BlueDesert says:

    It will be tough to keep this place afloat. It's in NJ where they have WINTER and SNOW. The short summer season will likely not bring in enough money to pay for the 8 months per year when no one will be golfing or eating outside. Based on the limited menu I doubt that this restauarant will become a 12 months a year dining spot. I hope I'm proven wrong.But the weather is reality.

  5. Sam Jones says:

    I travel to the Atlantic City Area every week and never knew it was there. I will give it a go and try the golf and the food. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  6. SouthernGal says:

    Best show yet!
    No drama, just good advice.
    Would recommend hiring a chef to maintain year round business /revenue in snow area when golf is out.
    Kudos go to nephew Shane stepping-up to breathe fresh life into a tired business with so much potential.
    Again, best show yet!

    • MattfromWA says:

      Yeah, those owners should really be appreciative of Shane. It if wasn't for him they would just be going along with their dysfunctional ways and tired looking clubhouse.

  7. Joanna says:

    They should incorporate disc golf as well. That could be played even in cold weather.

  8. RI Fan says:

    Overseeding with Winter Rye and using a snow blower could keep the fairways and greens usable during winter weather, and think of the bonanza of sliced and hooked balls to be found in the spring! Golfers are a resilient bunch and play in all types of weather. Be problem solvers not problem finders.

  9. Sal C. says:

    Best show I have seen. They will definitely have to experiment with a few more ideas to take this place to the next level but having the confidence that it's achievable will be a huge help for them. To grow the golf business having a fixed price lunch or dinner special which includes green fees might help. Affiliating with some teaching professionals so they can offer on the course playing lessons would be another idea. On the food side they need to expand their menu to be at least competitive with a good pub.
    Kudos to Robert I think he hit this one out of the park!

  10. Margaret says:

    Love every Robert and his team did. Just check out Pomona Golf and Country Club facebook page, think they could use some hits on it to help them out.

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