Restaurant Revisited: Holy Cow! at Country Cow Restaurant and Bar

by in Shows, August 20th, 2014

Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleThe situation at Country Cow Restaurant and Bar wasn’t what it seemed when Robert Irvine first arrived there. Co-owner Jenny Leonzi admitted that the calm demeanor shown by her business partner — and former husband — Kerry Benton wasn’t usual; yelling and swearing were more commonplace, and because of that, Robert was forced to investigate never-before-seen footage of Kerry’s behavior at the eatery. In the nearly nine seasons of Restaurant: Impossible, this is the first time that Robert has revealed the behind-the-scenes clips his producers collect ahead of his visit, and after watching those tapes, Robert saw the restaurant’s reality.

Before Robert could finish the two days of renovations at Country Cow, Kerry made the decision to leave the 12-year-old Campton, N.H., eatery once and for all, signing over all aspects of the business to Jenny. Read on below to hear from Jenny and learn how her restaurant is doing several months after its transformation.

Since Robert left, “sales were up $22,000 compared to June 2013,” says Jenny, who adds that “guests are loving the new decor.”

As of early June, Jenny’s partnership with Kerry is officially terminated, she admits, but Jenny adds, “I have called Kerry a few times for advice and he has been rather helpful.”

In terms of the menu at Country Cow, Jenny says that it’s a mix of what Robert created and several of the eatery’s original items: “We had to put our Buffalo wings and fingers back on, as well as our stuffed mushroom caps, and spinach and artichoke dip.”

Looking ahead, Jenny notes, “I am 100 percent confident that I will be OK on my own. My staff, as well as new and old customers, supports me, day in and day out. Per Robert, I have to just keep moving forward and get those people through the door with great food and even better service.”

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Comments (69)

  1. Paul says:

    I am vacationing in the White Mountains as I write this .I took a drive with my wife and my mother looking for covered Bridges and being a chef for the past 40years myself we fond the Holy Cow after passing through this one car bridge.I WAS excited and we went in for lunch. We were not greeted by a host or a wait staff only by a small written sign to go to the dinning room ,we did and a waitress seated us in the corner table looking at the bridge. We marvelled over the interior .However the IT took over 45minutes to receive our order,Scond problem the waitress gave my wife burnt flat bread with prosciutto and goat cheese instead of the chicken she ordered,this is needed the fact that my mother ordered a reuben with very little sauerkraut on it,when delivered the waitress failed to mention which reuben had little sauerkraut seeing this is what I ordered as well. 15 minutes later my wife"s chicken came.As a chef I felt like Robert and tried the chicken ,it was tough and dry it seemed it went into a micro wave before hitting an oven.I believe we were there for an hour and forty five minutes before we received our check! OK we were charged only for the two reuben but the experience was disappointing. We came to cheer them on and felt the game was lost

  2. The Buttermores says:

    Just happened to stop by. This past Monday for lunch 9/8/14 thought menu had unique items. Tried rabbit sausage sliders ,amazing Tuscan flat bread,and French dip. Service good,food and view amazing.Irving ya done good and it continues.

  3. Katherine says:

    Wow…lots of people commenting took things on the show a lot different than I did. I felt like Jenny didn't do much to help out because she was always put down and told she was no good at anything by Kerry. I don't think I would want to help side by side with someone always yelling at me. I think Jenny will be able to rise up and do the things she needs to do to make the restaurant successful. Kerry wasn't pushed out at all….It was a decision for both Kerry and Jenny to make and if Kerry chose to stay I think Robert would have helped them be able to work better together. The view is amazingly beautiful and the makeover is one of my favorites. I hope the restaurant does well.

  4. Frankie C says:

    Just caught the rerun of this episode. The dynamics of this show were unlike I've ever seen. The dis function of their relationship was so personal, so full of anger. That they "survived" 12 years of this is unimanagable. Not only was the love gone, they didn't even like each other. You can't live that way all those years and not be seriously scared. It was like watching an open wound that needed a turnicate. Jenny needs to be loved. She had a hole in her heart the size of that bridge behind the restaurant. I came away thinking that after the euphoria of a new begining Jenny wasn't going to make it. I didn't have much confidence in the staff and I was very skeptical of the chiefs. It feels like it's all too much to overcome. I'm rooting for Jenny to make it and find some

  5. Cemery says:

    Go Kerry- you can do it!

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