Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Co-Hosts of The Kitchen?

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, August 30th, 2014

Food Network's The KitchenWeek after week, the co-hosts on The Kitchen come together to celebrate the most-important room in the home. They share their top tips for easy, family-friendly meals, offer new takes on seasonal favorites and even welcome special guests to dish on the latest happenings in the culinary world and beyond. But as fans watching from your living rooms at home, how much do you know about the five faces you see on TV each week? Test your knowledge of Jeff, Geoffrey, Katie, Marcela and Sunny by answering 10 trivia questions, and see if you deserve the title of superfan.

How Well Do You Know the Co-Hosts of The Kitchen?

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Comments (22)

  1. Avid Fan says:

    Sunny while I love all your recipes, that hair girl in today Kitchen 8/30/2014. It was just so distracting, feel like it needed a pair of tongs..just saying, not a great look.

  2. Kitchen fan says:

    I agree. It is almost scary! Why would she want to do her hair that way?

  3. grandma still cookin says:

    I totally agree! She is so beautiful inside and out but her hair today was harsh….

  4. fenixmom51 says:

    ok… so did anyone catch the deviled eggs she made?? can't link on the show cuz I keep getting the dammed quiz!

  5. Dee says:

    Oh my gosh Sunny, what in the world was with your hair today?? I could not believe that hair-do. It was a definite NO!!!! All black in the center, red & blond on the sides. I swear girl, you looked like somebody that stuck their finger in a light socket.!!!!!!! I'm sorry, but talk about a BAD HAIR DAY. iF THERE WERE A PRIZE FOR UGLIEST
    DO, YOU WOULD GET IT HANDS DOWN… Wasn't there anyone around that advised that was not a good look.!!!! Geez Sunny, have a mirror around before you go out on stage.!!!

  6. Foodie says:

    I was thinking the same thing. I really like her , but hard to look at her with that mess of hair. The two tone color isn't working at all. What was anyone thinking at Food Network. Wasn't loving Jeff's sweater either.

  7. joan groat says:

    Poor Sunny, what are you thinking girl, I can't believe how many of us commented today on your hair…horrible…Looks like you were just picked up off the streets…ugly, unkept, distracting…your a nice looking women, but you need a really good make over…good luck…your handlers were lying if they said it looked good…..sure wouldn't want that mess near my food…sorry, know I was mean, but hope it helped!

  8. portia says:

    Sunny's ridiculous "do" is accomplishing precisely what she (and/or her handlers) want: She's the center of attention on The Kitchen soundstage as evidenced by comments here. Sunny also talks too loud as she seeks to upstage her co-stars. I like Sunny much better on "Cooking For Real" when she cooks comfort food and shares stories about her military upbringing.

    • Vicky says:

      OMG…what is with all the negativity and criticism, I think this show is one of the best on Food Network and I also think the varied personalities is what makes it so interesting. I sure am glad all you negative people are so perfect. Satisfied viewer

  9. Sue says:

    I love sunny and Marcella and both Jeff's, but fake Katie lee just ruins the show and sorry but I turn the channel when she starts her fake smile and talking. The other 4 people are so interesting and fun, but food network get rid of Katie and you will have a hit show with a replacement for her

    • Patt says:

      I agree 100% with you about that ditz Katie. She has no business to be on the same show along with the chefs that have so much talent . Any one can put a marshmallow on top of a cupcake. ( I put them on top of chocolate cookies and then frost them , and have never thought of myself as a great chef.) I guess some one thinks she is.

  10. Millie Crouch says:

    Sunny wears wigs and this one should be hidden far, far back in her closet! It was hard to look at her and not laugh.

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