Making History — Alton’s After-Show

by in Shows, August 3rd, 2014

This week on Cutthroat Kitchen, history was made as an ingredient was sold for the highest amount ever paid for a sabotage on the show: $16,500. The sabotage in question was none other than the pickled ginger that replaced all of Chef Christina’s ground ginger in the gingersnap cookie round, as host Alton Brown tried to trip up the contestants by having them use ingredients that they were unfamiliar with in dishes that they know and love.

Judge Simon Majumdar, however, didn’t think that the ingredient should have gone for that much. “It has a flavor,” said judge Simon. “If you can use other spices alongside of it, you can get away.” This is exactly what Chef Christina did, and she secured the win. Alton explained, “I actually like that stuff in cookies, because I feel like it balances the sweetness, as well as the bitterness, of the molasses very well.” Chef Christina walked away with a whopping $18,500.

Click play on the video above to see how Chef Christina made use of the pickled ginger in her dish, and hear judge Simon’s reaction.

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Comments (14)

  1. fje says:

    I don't understand why chef Paul allowed himself to be bullied by everyone. It was impossible to root for the other chefs: a self-righteous vegan and an insecure pastry chef. I loved that the pastry chef screwed herself in the final round, $16. 500 for the pickled ginger. but I hated that the vegan won also. I thought she was given to much of a pass for being vegan. Chef Paul's gyro could not have been good, but the vegan served burned vegetables and I don't believe that the mushrooms were enough of a substitute for the meat. I just don't buy it.

    • rja says:

      Chef Paul had no idea how to cook that assorted meat, he should have grind it down, make it into a sausage with extra seasoning, and served it with steamed veggies. Should have cooked it with a pot of boiling water over that torch, fastest way with cooking with that torch. He screwed himself but just taking what he needs, and not planning for all the sabotages. He did himself in based on execution, lack of creativity, and strategy. The vegan chef was lucky, but not really self-righteous, but great timing. Burned or not, she probably had better seasoning that just won her over. Judge Simon chooses based on textures, while Jet is more on taste, spiel, and acidity level. While Antonia is all taste all on taste, and what resembles the item.

      • fje says:

        I do agree Chef Paul screwed himself, but I still maintain that vegan chef was given a pass. Vegan and vegetarian chefs have appeared on many food network cooking competition shows in which they had to use meat or meat products. Her being allowed to pass off burned mushrooms in a pita as a gyro just because "she was staying true to herself" was ridiculous and IS self-righteous BS.

  2. mindy says:

    I was just wondering, if during the previous shows, the commercials showing Cutthroat, didn't show sabatoges from the second round, as I like being suprised by whom is cut. During Food-Network Star, there was a commercial showing the Toga, so I knew going in, chef Paul & the Vegan chef were not eliminated. That takes a little bit away from the show.

    As for last night's show.. i disagree wit the above. Both men, were arrogant and cancelled each other out in the first round. I'm not seeing where Chef Maranda was insecure nor either were at all Self-righteous. The Vegan cook stayed true to her beliefs PLUS played the game with one initiative, "don't lose my ingredients". Maranda, made me laugh, calling Vegan chef "Bad-Ass". the men underestimated the women.

    • fje says:

      What does staying true to yourself matter here. Her veggies were clearly burned, and Chef Paul was targeted for being an old man. These two women were not better than Chef Paul. Chef Paul problem was that he underestimated his ability to deal with those sabotages. He should have spent some money to avoid at least one. I'm sorry there is no such thing as a burned mushroom gyro!!

  3. friv 3 says:

    Thank you for for sharing so great thing to us. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post nice post, thanks for sharing.

  4. sacvalley says:

    Does anyone else have trouble hearing the contestants? the music on this show and Chopped is so loud that while a contestant (or the host) is speaking I can barely hear what's being said. Why do Vegan's have to announce themselves every time one is in a room? We really don't care what you eat or don't eat.
    Just hoping someday the music is turned down….love the program.

  5. leslie says:

    how do I get on chopped ?????

    • MoHub says:

      Is there a reason you're posting this on the Cutthroat Kitchen board—or on any other message board, for that matter? If you want to get on a Food Network competition, you need to contact network management. Message boards are strictly for viewer input and opinions.

  6. storm137 says:

    Honestly I love this show, it's pleasantly addictive, and Alton is my favorite food network chef. I just wish it was on more!

    The sabotages on this episode were in all honesty kind of evil. I do wish they were a little more gracious to one another, I saw one clip of the chef who got to be the only one to taste her food and she seemed to have her arrogance backfire on her.

  7. Eileen Thurber says:

    Lets have the judges come back as contestant chefs again. This time have Alton Brown part of it. let 2 previous contestants come back -one to be the host and the other as the judge. This would be fun. Let past contestants make up the sabotages for this show. Sounds like fun. Alton always makes the show fun .

  8. jio says:

    I don't know if I'm right but when Alton said the bandana chef (forgot her name) was the first chef EVER to not get a sabatoge until the Third Round. Last I checked, there was a winner in either season 1 or 3 who did it as well. And (don't judge me when I say this) but this is now the worst episode in my opinion.

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