Four-Wheeled Prizes On the Line in First-Ever Food Truck Face Off

by in Shows, August 21st, 2014

Food Truck Face OffIt’s no secret that the food truck industry has hit its stride in recent years, as the culture of traveling cooking and eating can be seen from coast to coast. Beginning this fall on the all-new series Food Truck Face Off, budding food truck operators will have the chance to break into that mobile arena, but not before they prove their staying power with a winning business model that can withstand the fierce competition.

Each week beginning Thursday, October 2 at 8|7c, four new teams will gather to present their food truck ideas to a rotating panel of proficient judges, but ultimately only two will earn the right to face off against each other for the win. Host Jesse Palmer, a former NFL superstar and a broadcast sports journalist, will be on hand to challenge the top contenders to 48 hours of no-nonsense contests, and if these future entrepreneurs want to impress Jesse and the judges, they must endure a roster of tests designed to demonstrate their powerful business mindset and impressive customer service — not to mention wow-worthy food.

What’s on the line? In addition to the praises of guest judges like restaurateurs Alpana Singh and Andrew Gruel, and TV personality Steak Shapiro, the winning team members each week will drive away with their own food truck, a coveted and big-value prize that could immediately launch their business.

Don’t miss the series premiere of Food Truck Face Off on Thurs., Oct. 2 at 8|7c.

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Comments (10)

  1. Cookster says:

    Food Truck Race is so much better with Tyler Florence

    • Grace Ann Hahl says:

      To be clear, this is NOT Food Truck Race. This is a completely different animal in terms of the amount of teams. There's less teams in Face Off, rather than Race.

  2. Mike says:

    "Former NFL Superstar" Jesse Palmer


  3. Sue says:

    An NFL guy, 2 restauranteurs no one's heard and a "TV personality"? Really?
    I'm sure they are all nice people, but come on. Scraping the bottom a bit, wouldn't you say?

  4. joe vizcarrondo says:

    how do you apply?

  5. Tina Kukla says:

    How do you apply to be on the show? Or is this a one season show?

  6. Larry Weisberg says:

    It seems like Food Network just cheated/negated "The Great Food Truck Race" – why would a team battle eight teams over a number of days (two weeks?) until a win when you can battle just one team for a win the same prize after two days!?!? That's an expensive prize after just two days work!

  7. Bill says:

    I really wanted to love this new series, and I really hated the first episode. Count us out of this one.

  8. Kelly says:

    My issue with this show is that since it began they have had a Black pair on each show but not once has a Black pair won an advantage nor have they won a food truck. It seems contrived to me

  9. Alex says:

    Just now watching for the first time. I like the concept, but why only let the folks shop for 30 minutes to stock the truck? I thought the idea of the show was to see which team sold the most of their product. That time limit just adds an unrealistic twist to the process. After all, nobody waits till 30 minutes before opening to buy their stock. I am pretty sure I won't be watching again.

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