How to Host a Luau-Inspired Summer Pool Party

by in Entertaining, July 28th, 2014

How to Host a Luau-Inspired Summer Pool Partyby Camille Styles, photography by Buff Strickland

As temperatures are slowly on the rise, it’s officially time for some fun in the sun! And there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with a pool party inspired by the colors, flavors and flowers of Hawaii. This year, take a cue from everyone’s favorite tropical destination, and host a stylish yet approachable luau with a few simple tips.

Set up a buffet area by mixing and matching both indoor and outdoor furniture with attractive folding furniture. Then use colorful cushions, a creative floral arrangement and do-it-yourself table runners to add life and color to the space.

Invite your guests over for a taste of the tropics by creating a menu that fuses signature Hawaiian flavors with traditional summer favorites. Tyler’s chicken satay with peanut sauce is always a good idea when it comes to hand-held snacks, while grilled sliders are a seasonal must-have. For a spicier menu option, grilled jalapeno chiles stuffed with cheese and herbs, and wrapped in crispy bacon make for an irresistible treat.

Use a folding tray table to create an impromptu surface outside, then transform it into a drinks station where guests can rehydrate all day long. Pour fresh-squeezed juices or infused water into resealable bottles, then set out fresh sprigs of mint and acrylic cups that guests can fill and refill all day long. Large tropical leaves can be found at the local flower shop, and work wonders to add color and style to this party concept. Purchase a dozen and use them anywhere you please to create a next-level presentation.

Lastly, set up a party activity that will keep guests of all ages entertained (and adorned!). A lei-making station is perfectly on-theme, and when faux flowers are used in lieu of fresh ones, the necklaces can last long after the party.


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