How to (Actually) Beat Bobby Flay [Infographic]

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, July 26th, 2014

How to Beat Bobby Flay

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  1. Lois Spears says:

    I just watched an episode of Beat Bobby Flay. I saw him do something that was a no-no. He took a swig out of a bottle then poured the wine in his dish. It was the mac & cheese episode. If a judge on chopped had seen a contestant do that, they would not have eaten the dish. You would think Bobby Flay would have more sense.

  2. woow i love it Great information and best article

  3. BRIE says:


  4. Grace Ann Hahl says:

    The part about contestants wearing blue kinda confuses me. Is Bobby's favorite color blue or……. Is it something else involving that color….. I guess we'll never know

  5. Jeff says:

    bobby wins. what a surprise.

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