Guy Reveals 8 Techniques to Survive Guy’s Grocery Games

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, July 25th, 2014

Guy Reveals 8 Techniques to Survive Guy's Grocery GamesGuy’s Grocery Games: the only show where chefs have the supermarket to themselves, have to cook in it and have the chance to win some serious dough. “During the first season of the show, when chefs walked in the door, you’d hear, ‘Well, now what do we do?'” Guy shared. “But since most have seen the show, they understand how it progresses,” he continued. But even though they think they know the game now, many still make the same mistakes. And the competition is only getting fiercer.

With that said, FN Dish asked Guy to share eight ways (from his point of view) to survive Guy’s Grocery Games:

1. Don’t over-portion.

2. Don’t add a frivolous garnish.

3. Use more acid.

4. Make sure to check your seasoning — the dish probably needs more.

5. Don’t make a dish that competes against itself (meaning don’t make two or three items).

6. Make sure the temperature of the proteins is correct — under or over is a fatal flaw.

7. Less is more (see strategy No. 5).

8. Use your imagination. Don’t rely on the defining term of what the dish is. Don’t play it safe.

Let Guy take you around the set of Grocery Gamesclick play on the video below to go behind the scenes with him.

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